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Wow! I just might have to order those seeds. I love tomatoes, all kinds all shapes and colors. When I am gone, Just call me the girl who loved tomatoes!


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LoL Crabber, you won't be alone..I love those tomatoes too. Next year I want to try a wider variety.
I had a pk of orange Bell Peppers from a last year trade that I planted..I think weeks ago. I had given up on them growing but today I found small plants in the container.
Until this year I have been sticking to the basics I've always planted, I'm having a blast trying new things!
Randy I hope your trip is going well and you're having a good time.


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I love tomatoes three. I misplaced my Totally tomatoes catalog. This is the first year I received it so I was not familiar with the name so couldn't order online. I found it today. They have several I wanted to order so I will just order them for nesxt year. I want to grow a bigger variety too Gloria. We never know if they will do well in our zone until we try them. Has anyone tried Bloody butcher, Super Sioux, Arkansax Traveler, Hillbilly, Boxcar Willie, Bush Champion, and Volcano Hot Peppers? These are a few I want to try. If I start them in the next month I might even get a late crop. I had sweet 100's in September and October last year. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to