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I have perennials I have wanted for a while and would love to get some of them. Thought someone here might have roots, bulbs or seeds to them. This would be a good way for us to share our plants and if you have a wish list I'd like to see it, I don't have much right now still cold here in NY but soon I will have plants. so here is my list, don't forget to list your wishes you may never know who will send you your's....

1. tulips- yellow, purple
2. cone flowers- green envy, coconut lime, twilight, tomato soup
3. bee balm-purple
4. columbine-yellow
5. bachelor button- black ball
6. globe thistle
7. veg seeds all kinds
I have yellow and pink Columbine flowers. Would you like some of the seeds?


  • 2005.05.27 Columbine flower_Yellow+Pink-frontview1.jpg
    2005.05.27 Columbine flower_Yellow+Pink-frontview1.jpg
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Scarez that is very pretty! Is columbine a shade plant?

Sunflower3 I have some purple bee balm and also red bee balm. I have some yellow tulips but they mixed in with red, yellow and orange ones. I wouldn't be able to tell you which is which.
i'm not scarez but yes columbine is a shadeplant, i have some in the sun too and they all do good for me,
forgot to say that they are very easy to grow here, i throw some seeds out in the fall and they come up in the spring and i always have babies coming up if i don't take the seed heads off them in the fall.

i found 2 plants in my veggie garden today and 8 other plants on the edge of a garden, dug them all up and planted them in one of the oak barrels, will pot them up this week to sell in a couple of weeks
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scarez might I get a few of your columbine seed?That is so pretty.
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