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I have extremely interesting information for you and would love to hear yours.I am pressed for time I was just offered a job to tend a $$1.3Million Dollar Rose and Perennial Garden!
What a big job... so I will be busy these next few dayz!
Roses call me and I need to run, but I will be back to read what you know about any pest, disease, you may have concerning roses! What you do to rid them, do you want to rid them ? Any pics? Please post!
I am getting blooms everywhere!
Miss you!
but havin fun....
Roses, roses,
how I love thee!
I cant believe I get to work with them!!!
It is still my birthday *LOL!! ROTF!

Let me check into that kale, I know that we used to recommend a baking soda spray for black spot, but I will get back to you on that one, and congrats on the great job!! Sounds like it is right up your alley. Have fun and happy birthday to you!!
Congrats Kale on the new job. You'll be in your glory
Still celebrating your birthday.
Good for you, keep on celebrating!!
Gotta go THANK YOU ...
I want to know about caterpillars on roses that eat the bud what pest was his mother..?

Miss you!

Kale that is so cool. You go girl and have a great time working! I'll look some stuff up this weekend for you. I'll post on Monday if I can remember;)
Just got a sec before my eyes fall out and hands get scratched raw.They put down mulch and wasn't fun to breath or touch It was horrifying they just threw it all over everywhere I don't know why they chose this field. I would have fired them a long time ago. Terrible unacceptable work..too bad I wast the one that hired because I would send them home without pay for life*LOL
OH!! I found a surprise at the new Garden ! I have pics! Will post as soon as I gather myself. Thank you Crabber...:D!
Still missin everyone .
I have pics and stories to tell..........*LOL
Wow how very cool for you Kale! As for the mulchers, they were probably minimum wage slaves with no clue what to do. Sadly you get what you pay for.

Dora/Garden Goddess
Gardengoddess, Thank you and no I don't think so private companies have to bid on jobs here and I think they have to take the lowest bid *LOL The bosses do not know they need to learn the field in the "minor detail" as to how to lay mulch and plant plants *lol They are hard dedicated workers but just should stay away from planting and laying mulch*lol
It is all fixed now anyway...I was just fretting there for a moment while trying to gather my many thoughts...Doing several projects.. I guess I was being impatient and wasn't pleased with the work not working out as I knew it could have..and was hoping for *lol Sorta thought it was going to..
Can you say landscapers, it is easy, even a toddler can say it *lol GRRRRRRRRRRRR... People flip when I say I am an "Educated Organic Gardener" Certified means you paid much $$$ to use the name.(according to those I know and have that title*lol) and I have a passion for "Design" they look at me like I am nuts that is when I smile:D:D:D:D

Here he is!!!
The new little booger, can you identify who he will become?
I have him in a pill bottle *LOL He is with a brother or sister and 2 beautiful buds:( Had them for a few days now and one is on the cap maybe getting ready to turn into the beast species that love rosebuds. I’m guessing they do not have to be fragrant when blooming.. just a bud will do. I lost many, many buds, they come out at night and the caterpillar can eat the bud within 2days sometime not the whole bud. It is not a slug.

I think I have his mother in a pill bottle! :D:D :confused: ROTFL!

Still looking for the mother's ID exhausted all my books and "keywords" for searching.

I have more pics..pressed for time.

I just had to post this..
Oh as far as rust I can peek around in a few books, it is not an issue for me so I haven’t read much detail on it. I will even if it is just 10 minutes before my eye close as I push the balls back in at night..*LOL

Here he is and boy am I running behind....I talk too much, not even close to what I wanted to say...time flies online with my "friends"!
Oh my the alarm...hehehehe

Miss you!



  • fuzzy rezed whorose..jpg
    fuzzy rezed whorose..jpg
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Any clue who this is?
I have 3 different ones around on various roses.I think they prefer pinks then reds or perhaps they are the first to bud so they go there to feed.
A bud can be gone over night:( This is a new thing for me to see and not much fun.
Any guesses?

Chemical insecticides are only effective until the target pest develops a resistance to that chemical. Then it becomes necessary to alternate harmful substances to control an insect population that continually gets worse because of lack of competition and natural predators due to high concentrations of chemicals. The major rose pests that we encounter here in your rose garden can be controlled by establishing populations of two beneficial insects and periodic treatments with a bacterium and a tree sap extract. The two beneficial insects are the Green Lacewing and Trichogramma Wasps. These two insects will guard your roses against everything from Aphids to some Scales and Spider Mites. Lacewings are very active and voracious feeders whose host or target prey are aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies of some species, juvenile scale insects, and some spider mites. The tiny Trichogramma wasp is a parasite of caterpillars some species of budworm and will antagonize a number of other butterfly and moth species. These parasites do not have a stinger (no need to fear them), they have an ovipositor that lays her eggs inside the host. As the wasp larvae develop they use the host as a food supply.
Wallance, who is that caterpillar to become after this stage??
Don't want to feed a good guy/gal to the toads*LOL
They Love roses!

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