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Hello All Rose Growers:

Here we are going to encourage others to buy the rose that stole our heart last year! Along with naming others we own.

Post your pictures of your roses here.
If you think you know the sure name of it.

Keeping in mind there is a downloading copyright law or two that does protect the owner of the picture. Credit needs to be given if it is not your picture, actually it doesn't belong here if it is not your picture of your rose, which is what this thread is for, sharing your pics of your roses!

Keeping in mind there is a downloading copyright law or two that does protect the owner of the picture. Credit needs to be given if it is not your picture, actually it doesn't belong here if it is not your picture of your rose...

Kale's right, please respect copyright laws. That's one area I'm rather picky about, between the threat of copyright lawsuits and being a photographer, I'm definitely quite sensitive to that topic.

I will clarify one thing. It has to be your photo, but it doesn't have to be your rose. :) You can take a photo of a rose in the park or a display garden or even at a greenhouse and post it here. As long as you've taken the photo, you're obeying copyrights.

So what if you've found a picture of the perfect rose online, and you simply have to share it with the rest of us? Just post the picture, nobody will know... (I'm kidding!) What you can do is simply post a link to the photo. That's perfectly OK, and doesn't violate copyright. Simply say "Hey take a look at this wonderful rose, here's a link" and then include the link.

That way you can still share the photo while I can avoid sharing my bank account with a copyright lawyer. ;)

O.K., I thought of that link posting idea, but was pressed for time,(was writing for several hours) besides, we were to see each others roses. Trying to keep the train of thought focused. "Roses that stole our heart as well as others we own"
The pic link would work if you don’t have a camera or can't post a pic.

Wasn’t thinking pics we took at the zoo *lol I was thinking that would be in the "What is this rose" thread, or "Lets see your rose pics and place you took it at" Then.. if you live in the state or going to visit it (just click on the link and see all the places that have nice roses displayed)

Let's say I took a pic of a rose at the zoo and I think I need it for my collection I didn't know it's name, I would then post it there ( in"What is this rose" thread), then come early spring I buy it if it was identified!
And if I took one at the zoo I just simply wanted to share, it would go into the "tour" thread or "Lets see your rose pics and place you took them) Of course the name doesnt have to be that long but that is the ideas I had.
If you are going to come to lower MI I would then send you to a Wonderful Rose Garden that I know of along with the zoo and Greenfield village I have pics of all .All you would have to do is go to that thread and see no need for Look ups.It would be places that someone actually went to and enjoyed thus causing one to do the same.
The vacation shouldnt be too costly because we are poor here *LOL

Stores / Restaurants/Hotels etc. can't charge outrageous prices because we simply would not /could not therefore do not*LOL

Just a thought.
What do you think?
I'm thinking train of thought, it is no fun trying to find something that isnt in the correct place,I know we will fall off topics ,no way to avoid that when conversing,it would just make searching a little more pleasant and less stressful for everyone...that's my thought.

Hondo Tea Rose

Came here expecting to see some beautiful roses, but so far...just words....lol!! Gonna get the ball rolling with my Tea Rose, Hondo
Isn't she beautiful! Do you know the breeder!?? Are you zone5? Does she have a sweet soft fragrance?

Hondo Tea Rose

LOL...I think its funny how we see our roses. I see Hondo as my prince amoung alot of princesses....I always refer to the Hondo as a "he" and usually refer to him as Mr Hondo. I wouldn't say his fragrance is soft and sweet. Its perfumey and rather strong.....makes you just want to close your eyes and hum. I love to watch his blooms change colors from day to day....they start out almost neon and then fade to a really soft and lovely full bloom. The older the bloom the stronger the scent. Not sure who the breeder is....will have to look for his tag. I have the original tags for almost all my plants but finding them is another story. Someone made a book using a photo album of all their tags....one day I will get around to that. And finally...yes I am in zone 5 :D
Pardon me!So sorry! :)
I was going to say him and Mr.! but didn't want you to get insulted *LOL
I didn't know the scent of course and was guessing...
I do have that big problem with Double Delight I see it as a he just sweeping me off my feet or a she very cunning...with Mr.Lincoln*LOL
Don Juan of coarse was getting close to Queen Elizabeth but JFK wasn't having it *LOL

How do you see DD?
Did you click on the link above that I posted?
Just curious...


I missed your link, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Your roses are magnificent!! Second on the top row looks like my blue girl....that one really smells wonderful!! I am knocked out everytime I look at your double delight...I have got to get that one!! That Pinata is very interesting...would also like to try that one. There is a white rose I am really wanting to try...it is suppose to smell like honeysuckle....I couldn't find it last year....its name is Full Sail. Your roses look really happy....they must love ya alot :)
beautiful roses, thanks for sharing them with us, hope to see many more
i have 1 left i think. between the deer, cold and japanese beetles, they have died.
Thankyou!:) both...:D I thought you'd like them:D

Yes, it is Blue Girl, I also have Blue Nile! Which blooms more at a time.
I have JFK which is mildly scented as of his first year.May have to move him to more sun, and didn't know how tall he was going to grow. I'm guessing about 4'.
He is the main rose that had Japanese Beetle this year,I understand the light colored ones attract them.
He was still lovely.Starts out yellowish and turns white with time about 4 days or so. blooms about 4 or 5 at a time not in clusters.
I cant believe how much Double Delight has delighted me I only bought it because it had the two colors to tie my new row of roses together I put him/her between Climbing Tropicana and Josephs Coat and across from Angel Face and Newday.
I sorta bought over 30 roses in '08.some I had in the past and my darling neighbor killed(on purpose because it made her feel important to herself) some I drowned in a pot with holes that were too small for drainage years ago and some I had names/breeds) I already have and loved and wanted to see if they were the same.Some Im totally new to. All almost all are glorious to work with.

Mainegal, It is very hard I hear when deer are involved. Can't you put them in a cage/ fencing during deer eating season or do they attack all year? Fox urine is suppose to help. Maybe dry blood meal? Something has to keep them away ..no???
you can grow minis in a large container/pot!
They are a pain for me, they use up lots of my energy,but I haven't given up yet.I have several. **Maybe that is your calling!*LOL

You do not have to fill the large container with soil you can add lots of pop corn/peanuts that do not disintegrate to make it for easy carry in. My neighbors flip when they see me carry my 50 lb capacity containers around as if they are light *LOL they are *LOL
They think I'm nuts ...and they are right*lol

If you want roses we will try real hard to find a way to keep those deer away!:D

Kale (SMILE) limited smilies here at GF!*LOL
Kale your roses are beautiful..
I have a few that are special mostly mini's but the tea's are hard to beat..
Tonight mine have a foot of snow putting them to sleep..Hang spring...
Merry christmas everyone
Thank you!:D

I am not good with minis I think I just do not understand them .They do wonderfully,then suddenly..leaves fall and blooms stop I get worried and move them...
I now have a few inside *LOL trying to nurse them .They were suppose top be Cold Hardy-20 but they sure didnt act like it.

Are they suppose to shed then grow all foliage back?I think I'm missing something.I have not read anything like what happens to mine.
Are they bigger feeders?

Here are some of my minis, Note they are indoors blooming...
Outdoors..leaves fall.
The reds do bloom but they do loose leaves and come back full force after weeks pass.

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Kale, please, please - what is image #9???? IMG 4268 in your link??? I know I'm going to have to try DD, but I like that one too!

Just came back here to re-read
I am so sorry I didn't see your post.
That my dear is PINATA!
Click on the link.
I am not educated with the program tried to make it better but..Hubby is asleep*LOL
Link didnt post hummmm here Ill try again...


I see it in my edit mode 2xs..strange..


All are Pinata (climber to 12 feet) suppose to look like Josephs Coat,I do not know how true as of yet.
Joseph is still a baby and he was in bad shape when I bought him so his blooms last year were pretty but not strong and solid.
my Pinata (s)are from 2006 and 2008 none grew over 3ft.

Again,I'm sorry, don't know how I didn't see your post.

Remy,Hello and welcome again...
I viewed your pics..very nice.Some gorgeous! I'm mostly a Hybrid Tea grower,although I grow several others, by heart is steady on the teas.I enjoyed your pics.Thanks for sharing!

Oh my, Remy!! Your yard must smell heavenly. Where are you from New York,,,,maybe I could swing by your yard for a big sniff also.....truely lovely....great job!! You guys are killing me!! Sitting here in withdraw sniffing a vintage rose scented candle.
I do love all roses. I have a few hybrid teas. Unfortunately, they don't do that well here. Plus I don't spray my roses, so that makes it even more difficult to grow them well. I've found Buck roses to be a good substitute. They look very hybrid tea like, but do much better here.

Thanks! It does smell great in June. I love coming home from work, getting out of the car, and sniffing the air, lol. I live between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. You are always welcome to stop by any June through early July:) I have an odd problem of people stopping by in the middle of August when things look their worst! Plus not many roses are blooming then.
HUmmm, The plants you grow would not grow here,I doubt it .And my roses do best in August I had 28 Rose plants or more full bloom,probably over 100 blooms that week mostly teas a few Grandifloria and Floribundas Polyanthas are almost always in bloom.Hey what are you saying! Aren't those rose blooms your in your photobucket!? They are stunningly gorgeous! Yes Hybrids are a challenge I know of several rose bushes I tend that are like sweet little children (just bloom their hearts out with little care) Hybrid Teas on the other hand are temperamental brats but ..I live for their breathtaking blooms*LOL You grow wonderful roses!!!A rose is a Rose and you do excellently with roses! I I do not think I have never grown or seen a Buck Rose up close. What makes then different then others? I am guessing some are sweet scented..I just thought you had climbers which I am new at,but they are Hybrid Tea climbers.

Very curious....Interesting.... very interesting!


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