Pistachio dessert

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1 small box instant Pistachio pudding mix
1 can crushed pineapple (Dole) or one with lots of juice
1 8oz. container Cool whip

In a medium bowl pour in Pistachio mix, next pour in crushed pineapple. Mix together then let sit for 5 min. Finally gently fold in carton of Cool Whip.

This is an all time favorite with my bunch.
That sounds mighty good, Oma. I copied that one. I might try that one on Friday when I fix dinner for the troops here.
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Quick and easy

Not only does it taste good, but it is quick and easy too. I don't know of anyone who doesn't like it.
Oma I have done that same recipe and put it in a graham cracker crust for a pie. Yum Yum!!!
I have a similar recipe, but it calls for additional nuts and mini marshmallows. That's known as Watergate salad. I've got no clue how it came to get that name. Maybe it was served at the hotel by that name in Washington DC.
My hubby will love this one...thanks oma for posting it......

and thanks Dale for the crust idea...am going into toen later...and will have time to make this up also...
I posted elsewhere about the result, but the family here loved it. It was either Fiona or my wife that told me I should make it for St. Patrick's Day. I can do that. After mixing it up, I put the bowl in the freezer so I could take it out just before serving. That worked out well. Oma, thank you for posting that.
I was a little fearful that it might get too hard that way, but it did not. It was just right. I have never bought any CoolWhip before and I didn't know they kept it in the freezer at the market. But that is also why I thought I better keep it cool. Thank you for that idea though, it's a keeper.

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