Pond help

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I can offer great pond plants that you put in pots to set in the pond for trade or postage which ever. One has waxy leaves and arrow shaped leaves will stay the size of the container it is put in. The other is called papua and looks like mini bamboo. with stands freezes in the water too. Also I have pickerel weed elephant ears.
Moving water is hard for mosquitos to breed in. As long as you have a pump circulating water and fish there should be no problems with them. I will have snails sometime later in the summer. They look like they are ready to hatch anytime. They came from the St. Johns River and will return there if no one wants any. My pond can only stand 2 0r 3. I'll let you know when the hatch.
Lisa my neighbors had a fit when I put in my little pond because they were sure we would be invaded by mosquitoes. We now have four neighbors with ponds. As long as you have a pump to keep the water moving the fish will be happy and the mosquitoes won’t. Shade at least 60% of the water surface with plant life and you won’t have that green slim either. My pond is very tiny I have creeping jenny in it.
OH you are going to love your pond.
I've had wonderful lick with hardy lily pads that I found at Wal*Mart a few years ago... They are in pots that stay in the pond year round, and are very nearly maintenance free... In the late fall I do cut away all the dead flower stems and leaf stems, and since they grow and expand pretty fast I also trim the new growth back... They seem to do a good job helping keep the pond algae free and provide lots of shade and places the fish like to rest under... I've tried floating plants, but the koi won't leave them alone... They ate my water lettuce as fast as I could purchase it...

My husband say my is 7ft x4ft (3 scoop from a backhole) Have a couple of question.
1.How many goldfish (have 8 small goldfish in it now) can i have in it, can i put Koi it about 2ft deep.
2. What size pump do i need.

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