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Howdy Rosarians ....

The best prevention is planning ahead but how does one plan ahead of a problem they are not aware of.
Get aware!

One must have a really good idea as to what is growing on one’s land along with the adjacent Properties, in pots or the in the ground if at all possible!
If you have a few neighbors like I do that just let things go to seed for the passion of not pulling; you will then know you have work to do.

I would first read about all the pest and diseases that like to destroy roses then read up on your particular rose in concern.
Note, it is said the color will make a difference in pest. Yellow and whites are the most attractive to some pest, like Japanese beetle.

Then find out where they like to leave their offspring. Is it growing in your yard is it a favorite plant of yours that allow them to reproduce?
(Don’t fret you can still have it I have a plan back to it later.) But pulling it and growing something else will help alleviate the situation.
Now let’s say your wonderful neighbor just love that ragweed and allows it to go to seed for the fun of it you know letting nature take it's course...

Here is where your knowledge is going to let your neighbor continue to be wonderful and your rose be nearly free of their pests that they are breeding next door 10 feet away!

You are going to identify the pest, find out what it doesn't like I’m now talking the predator!
The one who enjoys working in your garden to alleviate the stress of ridding your rose of the monster that would otherwise destroy your rose buds as soon as they hatch. Sorta like a preying mantis or frogs or the wonderful lady bug and you will order a few sacs or little nest full of babies .You are going to place them near your concerned roses (if possible, some rosarians have roses everywhere and many ) and let them work for you!

****Before you spend hours of researching lets post what we know about which weed/plants may be play the role as host for the pests.

I know that feverfew is a breeding heaven for aphids so I can rid my garden of them or grow them elsewhere Away from the roses so that I know where the aphids are, put some lady beetles babies next to those plants that I purposely grow and there you have it!
Lady bugs will stick around and rid you of your problem
Aphids may not come unexpectedly from your neighbor you are sorta gathering them from where ever they may be and watching them .They are going to show up no matter what, If your neighbor is breeding them they will be at your rose in no time flat!
Let’s say you only grow roses. You will not have a clue as to who is going to attach your beloved. You would say I have no idea where they came from just showed up one day.
I just visited my roses 2days ago and they were fine! Unbelievable!!! Look at my rose buds!
Well hopefully you will know when someone’s on its way and prevent the best you can.

Now, you can grow Fever few by your roses also, say a few feet if that rose always gets infested or just simply attacked the fever few plant, should lure them to it and again the lady beetle will get it .No sense in wasting time waiting for the lady beetle to do its job while your buds are being snacked upon. Let fever few or whatever plant you like be the host and save your rose.
Now. if you have not had a problem or do not foresee that you will have aphids reproducing on your roses ,well then that preventative care isn't need Do not grow it !
Or you can grow plants that aphids HATE and will not go to, here is where the life of the herb comes in play!

Share what you know!

What great information you have shared. I agree with the prventitive rather than reactive.
Happy Roses to you all!
Thank you!:D
Not an A+ paper but then again,I was not an A+ carrier!*LOL
It took a while to write.
I kept playing with my thoughts recall mode wasn't kicking in as fast as
I wanted to write.I was pressed for time.

Glad you liked it..


I have to catch up on house stuff. See you soon.

Kale, thanks so much for the info...can anyone tell me the plants that deter the aphids ?

I honestly didnt think this thanks so much for the new way of looking at my garden.

However, I do have lady bugs, frogs, and mantis around to help in the yard..

Id love to learn more about roses, so I can try again in the spring...I havent had luck with them before..they will do well over the season, but dont get them thru the winter...even with doing the mound of mulch.
When did you find them (time of day and month/year) and what else do you have planted near your roses?

Is this what they looked like near your roses?

Preying Mantis are one of the first pals I bought to get things going.The first year I ended up with 5 sacs the second 7sacs! after that I only found 1-4
this year is the one:( But I am still hopeful come spring I will find more:)
Here is a baby that grew up to give me one sac that I found.He didn't like me much,the girls never do they are wild about hubby. I was with her from her last day and woke up 5am and saw this sack on a bfbush in the back.I was extremely thankful she didn't go next door,everyone is getting my sacs:(
The one in the front I am still seeking*LOL
They are there.
They are friendly (to us) and not poisonous.They usually never ever bite but their pointed feet may give a little pinch,I always wear a sweater when playing with them*LOL The do (well the males do ) love me! Actually come to me! You can tell it is a little baby girl by the little thingie on her tail.She is/was born a light brown and molted,she will again molt ,you probably will never find her old skin anywhere to flip you out,they usually disappear before sunrise.
They are one of the coolest, Katydids love me too,lady bugs well... they aren't too bright *lol or friendly,they just want to eat *LOL

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Very cool, are going to hate my hubby. He goes around breaking those sacs off of things and throwing them into the weed field next door. He always says they will kill the plant.
Kale..............what great information.............thanks for sharing..............:)
Thanks for all the great info. I have problems with the deer and japenese beetles destrying mine
Very cool, are going to hate my hubby. He goes around breaking those sacs off of things and throwing them into the weed field next door. He always says they will kill the plant.
Now why would you tell me such a thing?? That is terrible! I cant even believe you said that.Those sacs wouldn't hurt a thing:(:( I love my little babies.They are wonderful and full of pest I do not want*LOL

Glad I could interest you!:D:D
What else are you wondering about if I know it I'll share:D:D I love telling exciting facts I learn.Bug excite me in a fun way,they are absolutely amazing even the PEST*lol

Oh Flwers4ever, Chive and garlic and I found dill and basil to keep aphids away.I wrote more on this in a different thread.I wil go look for it.


**** Post #48**

I plant several things with my roses.
Almost every rose has chives near them; some also have ground covers like hem hem Creeping Charlie or various low growing (flowering ) Sedum, Sweet Alyssum (various colors) Various (certain) wormwoods, Basil, Parsly, Dill, Anise Hyssop, (planted cilantro last year but the smell is horrifying to me) I plant other annuals herbs but most are containered.I place geraniums near the roses mostly in the front.
Garlic and onion are planted all over the land along with chive. and various (certain) wormwoods.
I plant other annuals but depends on the mood for that year.Last year (Also 1st year for back rows) were California Zinnias that were stunning and gave me the shade I needed hi noon,but..may plant those back a little bit more closer to the BF rock garden.

Hope that somewhat answers your question*LOL

Kale :D
You are all quite welcomed!
Are you all planning on chives,garlic onions in your gardens?
Actually they are quite pretty plants and easy to pull you can eat them use them for sprays,they attract several in the bee family,not invasive,and you can make a spray for yourself to keep mosquitoes away (garlic) *lol
I don't mind smelling like an Italian from Brooklyn, not many here in MI! so I have to represent the Italians, you know give them a new image *LOL Leave the pasta sauce and Italian bread inside and just let people think I am cooking when I am really just playing in the gardens.*LOL!!!

If you grow roses, don't throw your banana skins in the compost pile or garbage can.

Instead, bury them just below the surface of the ground at the base of your roses.

Roses utilize potassium very well and banana skins have a lot of potassium in them.

Your roses will love you for it.
Yes! And to add to you SpiderLily, coffee grinds and blended up eggshells!
The smaller the better in my opinion....:D

Kale :)
Roses are very popular landscape plants grown for their beauty. Roses are susceptible to several insects and diseases which reduce flower growth and quality as well as frustrate rose gardeners. In general, these insects do not kill the plant, but may stunt or kill parts, affect flowering, or cause aesthetic damage. Learning the proper care of roses and management of pest problems increases your success in growing a beautiful rose bush.

Spray it all over the rose bush , top to bottom. Not sure if this kills them or just make the rose bush taste soapy & the aphids don't like it. I have cleared out loads of aphids this way.
Aphids are welcomed in my gardens, actually I invite them,they are needed when dinner is scarce for my little workers at the beginning of the season. Plain water spray will get them off, or a glove and gentle hand .But, I would advise to look at them to make certain they are alive before you do it.
If you see tons of ants around your roses' buds that may be a sign that aphids are alive.

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