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Late fall and winter is a good time to get out there and do some selective pruning.

Sap flow has stopped or slowed down so cuts can heal and scar over and little chance of insects and diseases attacking open cuts.

You can see what branches to thin out.

Remove dead and rubbing branches.

You aren't disrupting nesting birds.

On live wood, be sure to use a sharp pair of bypass clippers and loppers. This makes for a clean cut. Anvil pruners smash the branches making for a slow heal.

You can use anvil cutters on dead wood.

Be sure to prune shrubs that bloom on new wood. If you cut spring bloomers, you will be removing next springs flowers as they bloom only on old growth.

Enjoy the cool crisp air.

You may even create a brush pile for your birds to hide in.

Have question for you about pruning..Trust me I have looked till I'm blue face the answer..I have a Styrax redivives aka drug snowball bush .I didn't plant this it came with the house, so do you prune old growth or new growth..Its full of silly little stick branches.Last year I pruned to heavy and had no flowers...
I've even checked the OSU (Oregon State)Ag for an answer to this...
Help please
Thank you
Hey Ron,

would you post a picture of an anvil pruner, so I'll know what NOT to use!

I'm not equiped right now for pictures.

Anvil pruners ............ one plabe is sharp, and the other is a flat surface that smashes as the sharp blade cuts.

Bypass are much like siccors where the blade bypass................


Styrax redivivus................ A late spring, early summer bloomer, should be pruned right after blooms. Spring or late season pruning will cut off future flowers.

Your new growth this year, will be next years blooms....... in time you will get the hang of pruning, when and what.

Leave it go for now, I'm sure your young growth will bloom.

Ideally they should be pruned only to maintain shape, drastic pruning is needed.

Actually a rare native of California.

Thank you for the help..When I figured out what the plant was I realized I had a plant not native to Oregon but to my native California..Yesterday before it started raining I shaped it a bit..Will leave it alone from now on..Its just a neat shrub to have in the garden..
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