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After reading the hydrangia thread I got to thinking about roses also. I have heard that if you plant a red rose and a white rose next to each other that the white rose will get red streaks in the white blooms. Has anyone ever tried this or seen it? I would ust guess it would be from cross polinating but I dont know.

red will bleed in to any other color rose, I had a red climber planted next to a yellow climber and the yellow ended up with red streaks in it, the streaks stayed in it even after I move it, and that was 3 years ago, I don't know if it will ever be all yellow again, its still cool looking
Is that right?
How close?
Which kind of roses?
I know it is said that roses may leave depositis in the soil that can actually kill the next rose planted there.
I would think it is from the roots system not the bees.You wouldn't believe the color of roses I would have*LOL I wish I read this earlier. I would have planted reds next to light yellows...........hummm I think I may have NEW DAY *and the famous Mr. Lincoln that gets around.He is a parent to many reds and blends...:D Going to check my logs!

Do you know the names of the climbers that involved in this activity*lol

Any pics or names of either or both roses you speak of?
You have me thinkin'.

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