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Do any of you have roses...I have as many as my tiny yard will allow and have gotten hooked on mini's and love them..Think some of my perinnals will be loosing there spot to more mini's..
Here in oregon roses grow like weeds..
Happy gardening everyone

oremudpie aka melanie
LOVE roses! I have 40, and next springs order of 8 more was in, in September. I cleared a new garden just to accomedate them. I love going out in the garden in the mornings to see which ones are opening or budding. The smell from the garden is intoxicating.
I really loved my roses too. My favs are the english roses, I love the cup and saucer shaped ones. We'll see what I can grow here Iowa. I'm almost more concerned about the wind than the cold. I plan on planting a couple this spring and seeing what they do.

Dora/Garden Goddess
I have a red one, yellow one which are hybrid teas, I have three that came up in the yard where the former owners had chopped them off and I have a mini on the deck that I simply love,
also have love roses...only have four now...but give me spring and that will change...
Kale com eon over and talk roses...
Roses, I had to stop and think but I'm up to 9 mini's and 5 teas and no room in the inn for more..course if a certain neighbor that lives in mayberry usa would take my oregon garden rose ha ha I would have room for two more mini's..won't mention names buttt!!!

Whats tempting is there is grower of mini's up the road in Hubbard that has lots of neat plants, its just a 20 minute drive...I will stay away.Till spring!!
Hello rose growers! I'll converse tomorrow, just wanted to get a line in before the lights go out.
I do grow Floribunda, Minis, Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, and Climbers,English Roses.
I don't grow any Rambler don't know too much about them.
We will have interesting stuff to talk about !

Good Night.

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Oremudpie, Minis are fun as long as they grow in Mi.
I’m new at minis and everything is fine until one day in August around the 15th.
They recover but not like their first splash of growth.
Does that happen to your roses?

40 roses ! No Way! Too cool!
Did you buy them all, any cuttings?
I have lots because I do cuttings. And I do have to admit I buy inexpensive bear roots mostly.
You are incurable!
Have you grown any of the 8new ones you are about to receive Miss Rosarian some early Spring?

Garden Goddess,
I do not know of the saucer shaped ones???
Planting roses this spring hummmmm I don’t think I will be. I think I have run out of space*LOL

Lynpenny, The red and yellow, do you need them identified?
I set up a thread I may know. I simply love Hybrid Teas. As far as your mini Oremudpie may know if you don’t know.

Knock out are wonderful free flowing constantly blooming fun roses to grow sorta like the pet rose, the one you know is always there blooming for you nearly free of troubles if planted in good loose soil.

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all my roses have come with from Heirloom or J&P. The new ones are from Heirloom.
6 are Jude the Obscure, of which I have one on the east slope and the smell is intoxicating. I will go back to him 15, 20, 30 times a day. The other two are Generosity, mostly for the scent, but also such a delicate beauty. If I can talk Dh into maybe 1 each of Eiffle tower and Deep secret, also chosen mostly for scent, color is secondary.
I also have to talk the boys into digging holes for me.........;)
OK Sass,work on that ,it is a very good plan:D!
A friend sent me an Heirloom Catalog,it is full of wonderful blooms!
Remember almost all my personal roses are under 5$ so I really need to work with them.
I do have a few that would cost more but I bought them at 75%off and were suppose to be black spot resit but..I do not see that.Not like my Hybrid teas but they are work.
Lack of that full sun they require may be the factor.
I am curious to buy a really good J&P just to see what results I get.
I'm thinking they would tower the performance.

Kale I have a mr. lincoln and a golden ? name escapes me now. I also have a beautiful 'L D Braithwaite'. I have no idea what the ones that were here are. I know one is red cause it finally bloomed last summer. I don't think it gets enough sun. after the neighbor cut down his tree it finally bloomed so that could be part of it. Also they mowed it off several times. I found three roses that had been mowed off when we moved in. They started coming back so I made sure they had a chance.
I don't have any luck with most roses in zone 4. I have found that the minatures and flower carpet roses don't mind the cold winters.
Garden Goddess,
I do not know of the saucer shaped ones???
Planting roses this spring hummmmm I don’t think I will be. I think I have run out of space*LOL


Hey Kale, I looked around for some pics of my roses from Oregon and the only ones I can find are on my website.

The first rose pictured is David Austin Heritage. It has a nice cup and saucer shape to it. The orange rose is Pat Austin and that pic does not do the coloring justice at all. The outside of the petals are a deeper orange and the inside goes from lighter orange to yellow. I plan on buying another one for my new garden. I think I'll have to put them on the back side of the house to protect it from the wind that we get here.

Dora/Garden Goddess
Im sorry I thought I replied to this days ago.I bet I saved it in a word doc..DUHHHHHHHHH
Sorry. I have been waiting for notification, thinking I was last to post Duh..
Alot on my mind..
Golden Showers? Mr. Lincoln,tall wonderfully scented blooms beautiful red.

Gorgeous blooms and plants you have. I know of those roses, never heard them called that .Thank you for sharing your blooms!

You know it could be Golden Showers. I know it was blooming last week. I wonder if I took a picture. I'll check the camera. I keep the camera close to the back door so I can take some pictures. I had to have a yellow rose down here in Texas. I will slowly get more as time goes on.
My hubby has made it a priority to save the rose that is by the garage door. It is one that was here when we moved in. It was so neglected. It did finally get a bloom it was red. I am going to prune the canes back this spring so maybe they will get a little stronger. they are extremely long and thin right now. I know it isn't a climber so we will baby it. I just let it grow since it didn't look like it had any care for a long time.
We are watering it and fertilizing it now. It was so close the death when we moved it. It gets more sunlight now that the neighbor cut down one of his trees.
I believe my darling neighbor killed my golden showers,didn't actually see her but saw her pouring weed killer later that week.Guilt was in her eyes..(sad face).
I did get to save two Tropicana stems:D
it has been a few years and it is still tiny and weak looking,blooms are darling.
As far as a camera I do that same thing right by the door,as soon as I see an exciting shot I run for it!*LOL
Very interesting:D

Was the red a bear root?
I have several reds,What color are the leaves?
I have (2) Mr.Lincoln:) Had them for years,he got hit with a borer this year after growing about 4feet full of buds and blooms,I had to cut him down so much 3x's I wanted to cry.It was terrible!
I think he will be ok .He kept blooming between the cuts.
He is a strong faithful rose.
Here is (a) Mr.Lincoln my charmer*LOL

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What kinds of roses do you grow Megan?
What colors? can you post a pic?

Only a few roses

I only have a couple of roses - so far. Am still looking for the "perfect orange or copper".
Here's my 'Glorie de France' - 2 yrs old this year and it bloomed its heart out and also put off a couple of suckers.

The only other one I have right now is a 2 yr old white-ish Seven Sisters rose.

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