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who has experience with this obnoxious and painful weed? I got advice from the local garden center to cut it all the way back and then treat it with full strength brush be gone. I am afraid that I will have to spend many hours cutting it all back. We started on it last year and spent an hour and a half today on it. It is scarey stuff, for sure. I wouldn't be so afraid, but our property only goes about ten feet into the woods and the greenbriar is at least 20 feet. I want to just spray it all and have it go away. I sprayed it with Roundup a few times last year, but doesn't seem to have made a difference, it still looks like the stems are green. Dang.
I would ask the owner of the adjoining property if you could extend your effort the other 10 feet. Otherwise any effort you make will be fruitless.
We conquered the greenbriar this morning with hubbies mower, the saw blade on the weedwacker, and my hand pruners. I have read that if we keep it cut to the ground it will eventually kill it because the plant won't have anything to live on. It looks great now that all of that mess is gone. I know it is a temporary fix, but hubby wants to keep mowing it off until it goes away.
I have never heard of this weed before. Glad you have a handle of getting rid of your problem.
Google it Dale, I never had seen it before we bought this house. It is one nasty son of a gun. Our arms are full of scratches, but we were smart enough this time to wear jeans.
After all that work I would use a bush kill on it. Don't mix it just put it on full strength. I do that with poison ivy too.
I just googled it. That is what we call Smilax, it grows in the woods and in the winter we use it for decorations. At Christmas I drape it around the front door etc. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Is your plant a long green leaf vine and the stalk part of the vine is thick?
That's it, we call it Smilax. It grows in the edge of the woods around here and like I said it makes a nice greenery to be used at Christmas.
I am finding a few of these growing in my garden. It wraps itself around the plants and is hard to untangle. Thanks Jade,I'm glad you bought this to my attention . I'll have to keep a closer watch.
Never used it for Christmas, tho in our area it is deciduous, leaving only the greet stem. I have found it is a great deer food. I bet I have never passed a patch in the wood that hadn't been browsed upon by deer. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to