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Tis the season when I get buried with all kinds of catalogs (they seem to come earlier every year).

I must be on everyone's hit list.

They even have catalogs just for tomatoes and another just for beans.

I like getting all the catalogs, as they give me something to do on the cold January and February days.

How about you?

Thumbing through over and over again.

Wishing I could have some of everything.

You can get all sorts of free catalogs by checking online.

I also love them...I usually end up with hundred's of wants and have to keep going over and over to get my want list down to realistic size.
Ya know that Christmas song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"? Well I start singing "I'm dreaming of a green spring" right after Christmas lol!

I have already received one catalog. I love it though :)

Dora/Garden Goddess
My catalogs don't come in until later as I'm in zone 4. I tend to only request catalogs from those that cater to my zone so mine are limited.
I also love them...I usually end up with hundred's of wants and have to keep going over and over to get my want list down to realistic size.

*LOL that's me,then I give in and just use the saved seed I have ...Until a few days before sowing time run out all over to every seed selling store of every any kind and buy the few I think I really need*LOL
I have to do it that way. I've tried it differently each year but I concluded there is no cure for starting seed.
I get several catalogs thru email. I don't really look at them; I have to be relaxed to enjoy looking thru them..
May just sign away, don't need 10cents in stamps to get them any more.:eek:
Time for updated ones HUH??
I have a Heirloom Tom catalog*LOL

awwww Yes better than christmas cards,, is seed catalogues!! My favorite arrived yesterday-- Fedco Seeds,, from waterville maine. If you don't get this catalogue,, ya gotta get it-- NO frills,,,,,,NO big prices,,,,,,,,but great offer of a variety of seeds at cheap prices. I save the fancy color catalogues,,look the plants up in there,, but buy from fedco!!I've been buying from them for over 25 yrs-- I adore them,,,,,,,,,great customer service too!!
If you order from them,, tell them a New Jersey Girl sent ya!!
I make wish list from every book and then leave them laying around! Hubby thinks I'm crazy but I tell him that I am afraid I might forget to order something. I keep narrowing down the list until I have the perfect garden.
Never gotten Fedco either, will check it out. I love to look at seed catalogs, my "wish books" as I like to call them.
The last time I ordered anything from the seed catalogs, I got one package of seed with one seed in it. I know it was a packaging error and they probably would have sent me more, but I didn't pursue it. It only happened that way once, so that's not so bad. But I can get everything I need locally, so I don't order anything any more.
I get most of my seeds from trading with friends.
Burpee, jung, pinetree garden seeds, and totally tomatoes have arrived so far.
I only order things that I really really want and cannot get locally. The flower seed selection is not all that great around here....really just the common ones. Trading and seed swaps are a great way to get the more unusual seeds...but if I don't get them that way...I will order them from Parks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to