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So I'm in the works for pushing microgreens into the farmers market, and I'm really getting my backyard setup for a nice urban farm. I'm wanting to produce 150 lbs of microgreens every 2 weeks. Just to give you an idea - I've got 100 1020 flats, 5 lbs of sunflower black oil seeds, 2 lbs of peas, and 2lbs of radish seeds. I know I need to get some more. But I'm gonna start running some trial planting.

I'm wanting to get some help and opinions, if you don't know about microgreens, I follow Curtis on youtube and he's rocking it. 100k on 1/3 acre - I'm wanting to be self sufficient.

So what I'm wanting help with is the weight per tray for seeding (I'd like to get the numbers so that's one less thing I'm trying to figure out), and proper germination technique so mold is less of an issue.
Sunflower seeds, I know I need to soak them I don't know how long though?
Radish (not to certain about germination)
Pea (not to sure as well)

Any information you can give me will be quite helpful, my end goal just so you know is to have orders, and skip the farmer's market as I believe it's good for building clientele, but I don't know if I wish to do battle with people over prices as micogreens is a very expensive per lb type of crop.

Thanks for any info!


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Hi Marky! It has been awhile!!
You are very ambitious
Unfortunetly I do not have any experience growing micro greens.
Good luck on your business adventure!


It has been a very long time, I was wondering if I recognize names, and I do. In these few short years, got married, had kids, bought a house and I make good money what I do, but I'm an entrepreneur at heart, and I don't like making money for other people.

I'm experimenting with seed density, there's a guy in portland, making 200k a year growing microgreens. I'd like to think I Can do the same.

Ive got myself all setup, but I've noticed that a few lb of seeds disappear in about 5 seconds.

I want to setup a farmer's market stand, and starting knocking on restaurant doors. See if I can build up a reoccurring orders with local chefs, I planted 1.5 lbs of radish, and 1 lbs of peas. My sunflower seeds haven't gotten here yet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to