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Well..... I'm atempting it on Draven.... :D
Anybody Else????


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I can't get them to grow for me. Will be looking to see how it goes for you. Keep us updated.
How very cool I'll be watching to see how it goes. I've killed many poinsettas so I hope to see someone grow one from seed.
Still Hanging in there....

The 1st post Photo was t5aken on the 21st...
This one is of today the 28th of Feb 09


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You may get a surprise starting them from seed! They may revert back to what they used to looked like in the early days before hybidizing!
All the named cultivars are propagated through cuttings and tissue culture so the offsprings are all clones of the original!
It could be depending on your expectations of what the seeds will untimately become!
It will be a good 2 years before you will know what they look like!
Mainly I'd Just like to see if it can be done....
Thanks Ron, Mainegal and Lynpenny I'll let you know how it goes *Wink*
Ron is right. I find just snapping a limb and sticking it in a root bed is esay when trying to increase your plants.
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Still Hanging in There.... *WHOOOOT*
as of today the 2nd of March 09


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I would love to . I keep saying that I will post on the weekends. I have dial up at home so it is like a bad traffic jam to sit at the computer. I guess I will have to save pics on disc so I can post from work. Give me a few days I'll get you some pics!
My aunt had one that was about 10 feet around and about 8 feet tall. I have never been able to accomplish that. I have an area that I want to try planting several as a visual barrier, or like a living fence.
Looks Like I May have some More seedpods Growing... But PLEASE don't hold me to that..... LOL
Do you have any idea why my Poinsettia Flowers are smaller compaired to last year? The Red color is great! I saved this Plant from last year brought it back in from outside all last summer growed HUGE!!!! The ones in the stores have big flowers but mine dosen't. is there something i am doing wrong?
Did you use fertilizer while it was actively growing outdoors?
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