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Was wondering if you were able to get your Rose Desire in 2009!
I did get a few I had a desire for and then a few extra new to my growing and (a few duplicates I know and have or had) I did go over the edge but was influenced by extra money I received from tips and gifts!
I ended up buying several that I know come by but once in 8years and didn't want to pass that opportunity:D:D!

Gypsy (a New True Love!) is a gift Hubby bought for me! 8.99! :eek::D:D

It was slow to start but performed like a champ!
I bought another Mr.Lincoln my 2 are over 7years old and constantly attacked by those wasp bores so thought I'd place one in the back:)
I have fragrant cloud (well I thought I bought fragrant cloud)
Perfume Delight
Lowell Thomas
New Day (love Him from last years batch)
Double Delight (have 3 now!)
1st Prize
Tropicana (old time favorite bought 2)
MoonLight Magic ( suppose to look like BlueNile or Blue Girl with way more clusters)
Proud Land (red flor)
Mojave (HBTea)
Show biz (Flor)
Just Joey (HBTea)
Intrigue (flor)
Heirloom (?) (flor
Circus (flor)
Pinata (flor)
Gene Boerner (flor?)
Shreveport (HBTea) (yeah right*LOL)
Climb Peace (no blooms yet by 2012)
SunFlare (y Flor)
Touch of Class (HBTea)

Here is my New 2009 Sunflare :D
Now I haven't had them long enough to determine if they are as labeled,except for the obvious Shreveport,and Fragrant Cloud which certain aren't as labeled.

Please share your new 2009 babies! And what you think of them so far!
I'm in the process of making a 2009 gallery I have some at KKorner from last year a few of those are on my new list due to the passion I have for them and was able to get them again.
Like New Day (yellow Grandifloria!) Seems like a "he" but not certain yet*lol

Sunflare 09!



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LOWELL THOMAS! was suppose to be Proud land (red floribunda!)
But I have been wanting Him for years so it was a gentle surprise,my last one was poisoned ('03) so I was blessed this year with a surprise, not where I would have put him but...I'm o.k. with him there.:D:D
He is a sweet gentle nearly no work little fella :) soft gentle fragrance and JB haven't found him yet*lol.

Did you get the roses on your list?

Post away! Inspire everyone with your BLOOMS!:)



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