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OK, so who's this Bob guy and what's he up to with this place?

I'm a web designer and IT guy who lives near Seattle. I've got a lot of interests, including railroads, photography, music and of course gardening.

I've got a lot of experience running websites and forums. I originally started managing forums in the early 90's on GEnie, which was a dial up bulletin board system. I then moved to Delphi, and eventually started running my own domains in about the year 2000. In other words, in internet time, I started back when dinosaurs still roamed the world. :)

As far as garden websites go, I've got a lot of experience there too. I was the official "tech gnome" at for many years. Jackie and I worked together, and she created the "guides" part of GardenGuides while I did most of the technical stuff, keeping the server running smoothly, managing the forum and links directories etc.

I would probably still be doing that if the site hadn't been sold to another company. Jackie got an offer from the new owners that she just couldn't pass up. She'd really put her heart and soul into the site, as well as untold hours of work, and hated to let it go. However, the site just wasn't making enough money to provide her with a decent income, even wih the seed and bulb stores, but running it was a full time job (and then some). So, when she got an offer to sell at a good price, she wisely chose to accept.

The new owners of GardenGuides already had a full time staff in place, so they didn't need my help. After taking a break for a while, I've decided to start up a gardening forum again.

So that's where things stand today. We'll see what develops from here.
There are alot of us that are excited about this new forum. I was one of the first ones to sign up on the old GG forum. Jackie and Bob had a really nice forum. I'm sure this one will be just as nice or even better with all the new technology since that one changed hands.
Hey Bob looking forward to this forum. You know how to run a good forum. Thanks for letting me in.
Hey Bob,
It's me I'm back. Thanks for going out on a limb to give us a place to network and play. I look forward to getting back in the swing of a garden forum!
Nice of you to begin again...look forward to seeing everyone once again and talking gardening and have a bit of fun along the way
Hi Bob - can't tell you how happy I am to see you behind this forum. You did a tremendous job for Jackie at GG....and the members always looked to you for guidance and appreciated all you did to make the forum, as we knew it with the original owners, such an enjoyable and safe place to spend time with fellow gardeners. Thank you so much for gathering us all together once again .... we promise to do you proud and treat your forum with the utmost of respect.
Bob..............Thanks, this is going to be great!! So many names I know already from the old GG...........feel right at home............:)
Bob, thanks so much for deciding to do this!!!! I've felt pretty much homeless since the Garden Guides site was sold. I've joined other sites since then and have some new great friends but nothing has ever compared to my first garden web home. You and Jackie did such a great job before. And, I just realized something ... I get to be a charter member! KEWL!
Hi and thank you BOB for this new forum.......after GG was sold, I couldnt get in went elsewhere for a while......but Ill never forget the fun we had at gg........its good to be here......its like old home week........keep up the good work......and thanks again!!!:D
As I sit here with more time and find my way around the forum, I am just loving all the little extras included on this forum. Love it....thanks so much Bob...don't change a thing - well, you can add things like a photo area ;)
Hi Bob!

Yet another ol' GGer here :) That Mainegal let me know about what you're starting up here. WooHoo!

Welcome, so glad I remembered to contact you. I do need your new email addy.
It's getting better every day in here, more and more friends are showing up. I keep sending out emails, etc trying to invite the old timers back
Hi Bob, and everyone! thankyou for doing this....I have not been to any garden site in a long while now, there was just nothing that compared to the way you had GG set up back in the day; I'm afraid I'm one of those who just does not take to change very well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to