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My 4th of July rose leaves have numerous holes in them already! grrrrrr, what can I do, any "bug off" spray that will get rid of whatever is turning my rose into salad?

Can't believe they are being munched on already! They haven't even flowered yet!
Are the holes moon shaped?
If they are then it is leaf cutting bees!
This bee is a native one which helps out pollenating various species of plants.
They use the cut out leaf parts to line the tunnels they make in the soil! This lining protects the larvae until next year!
Best to do your part to encourage these bees and let them bee!!
Dublinah, my 4th of July just started to bloom this week and so far no bugs of any kind,I water with epson salt just before my roses to to shoot new leave and I don't seem to have a real bug problem and the 3 more time in the growing season. not sure if this helps keeps the bugs away but the roses love it
not moon shaped, just numerous holes ....booo!
I cant tell whats eating them though I did pull off a small green caterpillar from my shrub rose...

its disheartening!
I spray my rose's with Malathion Plus Insect Spray Concentrate when they get those little green aphid's.Keep the other bug's off too.
I would be hesitant to use a heavy pesticide. As Ron commented , even pest are important pollinators. You can try hot pepper spray, it may deter them from chewing
I never use insecticides on my flowers as they have some effects on flowers. I had stopped using them since I discovered there are organic ways to remedy the problem. For your leaf munching friend that makes your plant leaves into salads, try spraying a hot pepper spray. You can mix the hot pepper powder with water, be sure its thoroughly mixed before spraying it.

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