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Hi there :)

My fiance and I are trying to plan out a nice garden section in our small-ish back yard. Living in town usually means very limited space so I guess I cant complain- we actually have more yard than most of our neighbors.
Anyway, I sketched up an appx layout of the backyard and I'll drop som epictures in below as well. What I'd like to do is give a little bit of privacy to the backyard from the street to the left and make the back yard just in general, more inviting. I picked out a few different plants that I'd like to put back there and they are in pots right now in the back yard awaiting me to do some work...
Hydrangea "Endless Summer"
Hydrangea M Glory Blue mophead
Purpleleaf Sand Cherry "Prunus Cistena"
Japanese Spirea Goldflame "spirea japonica"
(2) Golden Vicary Privet Ligustrum

What I was thinking of doing was planting a smaller tree (Japanese Maple is what I'd like) to go towards the left side of the yard, but in front of the garage (not on the slim side portion). After that, some of the shrubs would be planted next to the tree to create a bit of a "hedge" or wall.

The other thing I considered today was possibly building a raised wooden bed/planter (not sure what the correct term is for them?) about 1-2' high and 6-8 feet long which would then go on the inside of the hedge line to plant some bulbs and perennials in.

I'd love to get any feedback, suggestions and advice. Thanks !!





Outside of any recommendations for placement and plant type (which are still welcomed!), what are your thoughts on the possibilities for the tree type in the yard? Right now I have Dogwood, Japanese Maple and Witch Hazel on the list of possibilities. (Remember zone 6a).

Thanks !
all the trees will do well in your zone, I have a red dog wood and a red Japanese maple I'm in zone 5a and some times in 5b they can't make up there minds on zone's at time
Excellent, thank you. A red Dogwood would be pretty cool. I see LOTS of pink ones and a few whites around here but I dont think Ive ever seen a red Dogwood. Would you mind posting a pic of yours? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to