Sweet gum tree

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We purchased a sweet gum tree two years ago and placed in our front side yard. Literature stated it was gum ball free. However, reading the forums you say that this tree spreads roots rapidly. The tree is not far from our well so I'm thinking we should probably remove it before it grows any larger. Any suggestions for a replacement? We live on the east coast in zone 7.
welcome to the group......lots of knowledgeable people here.

I never heard of that tree......the rule of thumb is never plant a tree close to a well or septic...Im sure someone here will know all about your tree.....and will give you the best advice......
Big Welcome to this forum from the Hudson Valley of New York. Feel free to introduce yourself in the new members section. I also don't know anything about that tree.
Welcome form CA. I don't know anything either but maybe someone would know if you post the question in the Trees and Shrubs thread.

Nice to have you here! Kim
I moved this over to the tree section so hopefully it will get some responses. I dont know anything about them either. We don't have them in Maine, I don't think.
Welcome to the forum. Jump right in and make yourself at home, we are a real friendly group here.
Sweetgum, Liquidambar Styraciflua, does have a fine fibrous root syatem. It tends to be be near the surfacce. Its native habitat includes imperfedctly to poorly drained soils, but it prefers moderately drained soil and will grow well in well drained soils. To my knowledge the root systems aren't particularly harmful. I would no wnat it over or near a in yard septic system. However, unless your well istallation leaks, it should be sealed and you are unlikely to experience any problems. Since Sweet Gums get to be large trees I would want then to be a good 30 or 40m feet or more from the house. Other wise they are sturdy, grow with a nice form, and the autumn coloration is outstanding.

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