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****I hope I posted it in a right section*********
Ok guys, I need your expertise and imagination. I have one of those things you grow tomatoes upside down. I hope you know what I am talking about. (If not, let me know, and I will try to find a picture). SO, I am not able to grow tomatoes because of animals around me. They ate everything and even climbed on my palm, BUT I hate to trough things out and I know I can use it in my garden. I think I can grow something else in there and create a beautiful hanging thing.
Now, Could you please advise me your ideas what I can grow there??????? I am in FL, just a reminder :)
Hey Mo..

it's called "Topsy Turvy" you could grow "Wave" petunias in it having them grow from the top or even "million bells" like it was a hanging planter but as far as growing something from the clues...
I don't plant annuals save a six pack of petunias so I have no other suggestions

the lady down the street is using hers for a birdfeeder!!! LOL
she's got black oil sunflower seeds in it...
i have a freat that has several of the TT and has been trying many differnt types of plants in them....just give it a try with what ever you like and then let us know how it grows
interesting! Years ago,my mom had a plant where potatos grew underneath and tomatos were uptop. She planted it in a large pot and the tomatos seemed ok,never got any potatos like they said though! Sorry I have no ideas for ya but I wish ya luck there Mo,I'm sure something will strike your mind and who knows, ya just might be able to get some rewards for idea too!! :D
Can you cut slit's in the side's and top and fill with new potting soil then add assorted flower's or maybe strawberry plant's.Let them grow from top to bottom?
I've never planted anything up-side down but I would think any large bushy plant could be planted in it from the bottom. The plant might be up-side down but all limbs will grow and reach upward toward the sun. I like Spiders idea of strawberries in slits on the sides.
Thank you everybody for your ideas. I like strawberry too, but I am not able to grow anything edible because of the animals around me.
I think I can cut slits in the sides, because when squirrels tried to eat my tomatoes they torn the whole in the side, so I already have one whole.
You need to try my Hot Pepper spray. It works well on furry tailed rats AKA Squirrels! They hate the taste and if you use ground red pepper around and on the plants it burns their noses. If you would like I'll post the hot pepper spray;)
Crabbergirl, Please post the hot pepper spray. I want to tech them a lesson :)
Guys do you think if I make a cage using a chicken wire is it going to help?
Squirrels will climb right over chicken wire. Trying to outwit a squirrel is just about as hard as trying to outwit a three year old. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to