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Alan in Vermont

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We got hit with torrential (thankfully brief) rain, 1/2" hail and high winds this afternoon. Not a lot of damage around the area but my garden took a pretty heavy hit. Prevailing winds are southerly so everything was pointing the wrong way when the northerly gusts came slamming in.

Early Sunglow corn along the west edge got laid over bad. Seneca Arrowhead next to it got laid down just at the north end of the rows, even though it was 8" or so taller.

All the vine crops got turned "inside out" with a lot of the leaf stalks on the Prizewinners being buckled over backwards.

Tomato cages got folded, sure would be nice to have cages made heavy enough to hold up a little weight.

I've been keeping the ground around the vines either tilled or disced to keep it from crusting so rain could soak in. 1 1/2" in 15 minutes was more than the ground could accomodate and the runoff washed the chip mulch off one area.

Tomorrow I'll begin disaster relief.


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That's heart breaking after all that time and energy you put into your gardening Alan!
I know how you feel!
Alan maybe all is not lost. I have had some come back after a storm like that. keep your fingers crossed.
We got hit with bad storms lightening and a Tornado in some parts of Connecticut some of my taller plants are on the groubd but damage was not too bad :)
Oh Alan,
I do feel your pain. It will recover in time but I know how it feels. Sorry for you.
Alan, I got tired of my tomato cages falling over, so I started driving in those 5' steel T-posts alongside the cages and securing them to it.
I've seen a lot of crops blown over, it's not super common here but it happens. I have never seen any recover the way my little area has.

The first two pics are taken right where the first two from the other day were.

The other two were just about turned inside out Wed. and you would never know it now.


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Lots of ppl in town lost their gardens from the tornado. their corn is all laying down .
Mine didnt get hit. I can't imagine how big a f3 or 4 would be, ours was a f1 and it was 3 football fields wide.
praying all your veggies will come back alan. it's heart breaking when something happens to our gardens. the deer have eaten mine in the past and i was so bummed after all the work i put into it plus losing all the fresh veggies. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to