The secret of squirrels

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Nutty critters

Guess if you end up with your foot on the other guy - you win? LOL!!!! Now that was funny Dora!

Finally noticed a squirrel living 2 houses down in a nice tree - he uses the common shared back fence between the properties on our street & the next street as his personal highway! Haven't been able to get a pic yet, but did notice he drives the neighbors dogs bonkers, so I put nuts on the fence for him. LOL!!! :D


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The squirrels used to drive Jessie nuts when they would run across the wires that went across the yard. I think the wires and trees were the squirrel highway :) Glad you enjoyed the squirrel flick. That was actually the second time we'd seen the squirrel play with the toy.

Dora/Garden Goddess


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Laurie, Does it take you to a webpage at all? I know you need quicktime to view the actual movie.

Dora/Garden Goddess


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it goes to the web page and i can see the list of the others
i have a white box in the middle with blue clock inside it


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Is there a play button towards the lower left of the box with the "clock"? If so what happens when you click it? Does it look like there is a progress bar towards the bottom? It shows the download progress for the movie. The clock is actually a Q for quicktime :)

Does the Q look like it's in one piece? If it looks broken that means you need to download quicktime before you can watch the movie.

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