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I'm cheap. I admit it. Our "shed" was homemade out of a 10' X 10' X 6' chain fence dog kennel. We made our floor of bricks, covered the dog kennel with free aluminum siding, fashioned trusses for a roof, then built out a lean-to for the riding lawnmower. It's the perfect shed. The links of the fence on the inside make instant hanging places for gardening tools and gives us room to store everything we need for the yard plus our push mowers and tiller. I love to sit under the lean-to during a rainstorm. Our son brought over some guttering which we placed along the back side of the lean-to. Got a plastic drum and hubby made a rain barrel this morning. He made our composter out of a 55-gallon metal drum. All in all, I think we have less than $100 in everything.

Oh...and our other storage "shed" is a 1965 Ford Econoline SuperVan but it's for the camping equipment and bird seed. :D
That is a great way to recycle and get a shed to store stuff as well. Wonderful idea.
What a great idea!

The man who owned this house before me liked to build, and when I moved in there were 7 sheds on a half acre lot. There was the carport, the doll house (because it had curtains and a peaked roof) the tool shed, the garage for car repair, the lean-to (or Spiderholme), the tin shack, and the barbecue shed. They were in various stages of disrepair, so I've knocked down or had knocked down all but the tin shack, the tool shed and the barbecue shed. The roof is going on the barbecue shed, so it'll ne next to go.
That's awesome Palm. I love when people use their imaginations to recycle and repurpose things like that. It sounds like the perfect shed. One of these days I'll have to tell about how I built my greenhouse completely out of recycled junk.
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