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The Top Five Tips For Getting Rid of Moss In Your Garden
Remove the Moss Manually

The first step to ridding your garden of moss is to get out there and remove it by hand. Most will peal away in sheets if you exercise a little caution and pull gently.
Increase Light to Your Garden

Moss grows in low light conditions. Prune your shrubs and bushes to allow light to penetrate to the inside of the plant and to reach the soil level.
Replace Soil

If moss is creeping through your garden bed, replacing the top layer of soil will remove the moss spores and rid your garden of moss. Rake or scoop away the top inch or two of soil and replace with fresh soil.
Reduce Watering

Moss prefers cool, damp soil. Use caution when watering your plants by providing only what they need to thrive. Allow soil to dry between waterings.
Improve Drainage

If soggy soil contributes to your moss problem, improve drainage by adding compost, peat moss, leaf mold or other organic matter to the soil when you prepare the bed for planting. Soil that drains well is less likely to support the growth of moss.


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To encourage mosses and licken use buttermilk, a cup per gallon once a month!
If you want to grow mosses on rocks in a shady garden pull a bunch from existing moss and place it on a food processor and add buttermilk and process. You can use a paint brush to apply the moss/buttermilk!


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I actully cultivate a couple areas with some very cool mosses. They have their own little eco systems. If it grows in a particular spot , then I just let it grow there.
But , If you are a lawn person, and would prefer not to have the moss I can appreaciate that too. Thanks for the tips Uldis. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to