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LOL! Ok It may be my fault, Yes, I left them in the ground too long! Pulled these yesterday. This is about have of what I harvested yesterday. I will pull the rest today.
I also yanked the broccoli and cauliflower.
I got red riper beans planted and about 20 Tomatoes. Will plant wax beans today and not sure what else. My old neighbor went to Georiga and bought us a bunch of seeds. He always wants me to plant exactly what he plants. I love him dearly. But it is always a surprise what he brings me;)


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Only one of the pics posted above. I have tried 2 more times and it won't post my pic. Oh well, that's it for today attaching files. I just can't get them to go on this dial up. I'll try it again later. I do have some great picks of my winter harvest. created a monster there crabber;) Its awesome the winter harvest you can do there, next winter I will see about learning what we can do in the wionter here, thought it is soooooo much colder in the winter here.

Crabbergirl I've had some crazy looking carrots myself. I have no idea what causes them to do that. My DGS loves to help me harvest veggies. When he was about four he was pulling up carrots and found one that looked exactly like a headless little boy. 100% anatomically correct! Only thing missing were hands and feet. Even had butt cheeks and nipples in the proper places. Pre digital days for me but he has a picture of it in his bedroom.
Bernie, Would love to see that one.
Funny thing especiallay about root crops is that timing of harvest has a lot to do with shape. These were the Thumbelina carrots real short in lenght and large in diameter. But I left them in the ground and I guess they continued to grow new roots on the original tap. I had at least 100 of these guys. I do have a picture of a really nice well formed one. I have to try to get a flash drive to save my pics and post from work with Hispeed net.
I had squash last year ( yellow neck) that grew appendages, and tomatoes that had little noses on them. can sell almost anything on ebay..I just sold some rocks

Now if I had one that looked like Jesus then I bet I could retire! Funny what you can sell on e-bay. I will try to post the other pics tonight. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to