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Just a quick note to say that I tilled my onion rows today and will plant the sets tomorrow... As always I am planting wide rows of white, yellow and red onions, but this year since they also had the large sweet onions, I'm planting a bag of those too...

Now for the question... I have tried the big sweet onions before from seed with little success... Heck, I may have tried them from bulbs too years and years ago... Anyway, any advice on growing them to a nice full size here in central Indiana would be appreciated... There is one person who always enters them in the county fair and I often wonder how he gets them so large... Thanks in advance... Dave
Oh. I have never tried it, but will watch this post carefully because I have alwways wanted to try. thanks.
What kind of onions? Are they Red or Maui or Vidallia? I love them all! I'm not growing any onions, just takes to much room for me. My dad grew some Maui one time and they were so good! He also grew Reds every year. Some of them got to be 8 to 10 inches in diameter. So good!
Phil, I onbly had moderate luck with onions and I don't grow them anymore. When I did grow them, the women of the house would forget that we had them and buy more from the market.
As far as the white, yellow and red onions I grow, they never say what kind they are... They just say; "Selected for the proper growing region." Same with the big sweet onions, but I think they are Vidallia...
Walla Walla are a nice Texas onion that seems to grow well with everyone I have talked to. However this is a yellow sweet. Vidalias grow fast sweet and large but like a little clay in their soil that's why Georgia is the vidalia capital of the world.
I like to put my sets out ( here in Florida it's late fall) just before winter for a good freeze or 2. They winter well then come spring they just really kick it and seem to get much bigger.
These are my dividing onions from early fall. Now I have row upon row of thm as I worked them all winter.


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Well, now that you mention it, these are yellow, so I don't know. I wish they would put the type on the package instead of just a generalization... Anyway, here is what I have done so far... Now that I finished this today, I'm laying around with the heating pad under my back... :(


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Hey Ironknees, I remember that my dad always planted them in January or early Feburary. CG is right they do winter very well.
I don't know the first thing about onions. Never grow anything but a few green onions.

Just wondered if anyone noticed Dave's ribbons on the barn door.

Dave I've got a chair just like that. Grandma's chair. LOL

Hope the heating pad helps and you fell better soon.

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