time to plant bulbs!

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When is it ideal?
I'm in southern New England; assuming in the fall before the first good freeze?
How about spring time, can you put them in the ground then, once it thaws?

Sorry for the basic questions...I'm new...first house/garden, 2nd spring!

Thanks for any and all advice :cool:

Dub, I was once told that if you see Robins eating worms its time to start to plant bulbs, I just planted 10 day lilies bubs today and the soil was easy to work and it was warm to the touch so I guess its time to play in the gardens
Hi Dub,
Welcome! Not to worry , we are here to help. Depending on they type of bulb and what your zone type is, you can plant most bulbs either spring or fall. Some bulbs require wintering, which is exposure to cold temps for a few weeks to a few months depending on the bulb type. It is best if we know exactly which bulbs you are planting, and if they are commercial they may have been pre-wintered. Most packaging will give you the best instructions for your area and bulb type.
Glad to have you with us. Let us know any information you can so we can make sure you get the best information possible. ;)
Have a great garden day!
dear dub, i'm not sure about your region, but down here in virginia if the ground is not frozen we can get away with planting daffodils on new year's day..believe me i did it..lol...they had really puny blooms though...i think they didn't get the needed chill...i was washing dishes a few minutes ago and saw something yellow in the creek/ditch behind my house..being curious i went out to see what it was...i think i might have thrown some bulbs that were a little sickly over the fence....looks like they took..i didn't cover them or anything...i am the only gardener on either side of the ditch so i guess it was me....who would have imagined???daffodils are tough little guys!:) HPIM0862.jpg

the top picture is the one i tried to take through the slats in the fence...that didn't work out so well...daffie daffodils!!!

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