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We really messed up our vegetable garden this year. We had one handyman setting up the garden. He bought top soil instead of pot soil. He did mix some cow manure, then he put the heavy duty black landscaping fabric down on the top.

I soaked the soil for a few days, then I have transplanted all my seedlings/plants in the ground as well as in some pots. The plants in the pots are doing very good whereas most of the in-ground seedlings are almost the same after 6 weeks. I’m adding organic food every 10 days, pruning but no difference. I see the in-ground plants are struggling because the top soil is simply clay soil.

At this point, I bought new potting soil/ peat moss and compost. I’m thinking if I can take out the in-ground Vege seedlings, remove the old soil and fill up the whole with new soil mix and re-transplant the seedlings.

It would be a hard job, but I want to save the seedlings and see some good results.

We are in 7b zone, Not much time left this year. If nothing happens, at least we will have the good soil for next year.

Any advise for this re-transplant job?



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Greetings! Wondered how your transplanting went? Also what types of veggies you are planting? I’m surprised you didn’t see any change in the garden transplants after 6 weeks! I also am very high in clay.
Where did you see your location as zone 7b? And what does that mean? I’m in N.Illinois about 60 miles south of Wisc…
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