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when i was trimming my roses i found somthing interesting. I just planted these roses last year so this is my first time trimming. But it was easy to tell were the winter has killed parts of it by the black branches...but what boggled my brain was when i saw black branches with new branches growing out of them above the black. Is that normal? Should I cut it all out or let it grow and see what happens?

I'm not sure there is such a thing as normal in the northwest..If the new growth is healthy leave it alone..I cut my family of roses back heavy a month ago but did not see what you saw...I had my husband trim some dead wood off a mini last winter, well it had tiny shoots on it so in a pot it went and in the ground is another pink mini this year it even bloomed in the summer..
I wouldn't worry about it..
Happy roses,
I've had this happen too. Its usually mildew. If the growth is healthy...leave it and treat for mildew when you get a dry spell.
Very Interesting RR!!

What did you do and what happened?

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