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Hello all,

Am relatively new to gardening and just tried vegetable gardening this year with the Covid at home situation and had reasonable luck and inspired to try more next spring/summer. Looking for some advice from gardening experts here with vegetable gardens. I had two small raised beds with some vegetables that gave few crops. Planning to clean them up when the season is done here in Northern VA and then add some new beds for next season.

Question here is ,
1. is it a good idea to build and prepare the beds with soil for next season now itself so it gets done well and ready for spring? Please suggest
2. Of what we saw as options for beds, cheap wood seems risk free but may break down in few years and good wood seems to have materials that may release harmful stuff into the plants and stone or bricks are long standing... as per advice from home depot. Based on this advise we are looking for stone or bricks to build the beds. But please suggest what works best
3. How to prepare the soil now so it is ready for spring?

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