Water freezing in heated birdbath

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I got a heated birdbath for Christmas so I wouldn't have to worry about freezing water. I noticed that the birds would hop on the rock I layed in it but wouldn't drink. So I went out to check and the water was froze. So I had to knock a hole in the ice. I kept that up for a while until I noticed that it had been unplug.
Well I'm having tile layed in one of my bathrooms and unbeknown to me the contractor had unpluged my birdbath (Buford had told him he could use that outlet) to plug his tile cutter in and the water froze. The temps. were in the 20's and I felt sorry for the contractor, having to go out in the cold so I got an extension cord and ran it out of the bedroom window so my little friends could have water when they wanted. They were so cute lined around the rim drinking. I'm just glad that the heater hadn't gone out. Some mornings when I get up the birdbath is dry and the only thing I can figure is some animal (large dog, cat or coon) is drinking all the water during the night.
Probably they're all looking for some water in a liquid form! It's good of you to make sure they have some.

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