What Are These?!

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So my second post on the forum ever, and it is a stupid question!

I planted veggies this year, and we went with different ones than last year (other than tomatoes, we always have tomatoes) because we had a bumper crop last year and mom got sick of the veggies. LOL! I bought two pepper plants that have absolutely thrived this year. One is a jalapeno I got to pickle the peppers for burgers (already have more than enough to get through the next year, from one plant! And she isn't done yet!). The other... was supposed to be a banana pepper. I also want to pickle those because I eat them with everything.

I was very happy to see the banana peppers were growing very large. They kept growing and growing. I began to get concerned. Then they started to turn red. The label I had with the plant showed pointed yellow peppers and everything I read up on them showed and said the same thing. These peppers are neither pointed nor yellow. They went from green immediately to red.


These four had to come in because we had a slight insect attack and the plant was giving way. So I brought them in for window ripening. The two with red marks already had them outside.

What are those? Sorry if this is dumb, I'm a city girl. LOL! I want to try them out, but I can't do much with them if I don't know what they are.



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Most peppers will eventually turn red as they ripen! I find they are sweeter when they turn red without the slight bitterness if you use them green!
You can leave them on the plant to mature and turn red.
Color always depend on variety of the pepper....some turn yellow before they turn red, while others turn from green to red.... while (some such as bell peppers) turn to gold, yellow, purple, orange, red...again this mature color depends on variety.
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