What do roses need to be healthy?

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Trax, here are a few of my favorite roses
Davids Golden shower

4th of July

Baby Love

unknown red climber don't even know how it got where it is


This is what I had to work with after I cleaned out all the junk and car parts
lots of sand and the rain water would make a small lake in the back yard, You can do any thing you want to make a garden grow if you set your mind and heart to it, after 7 long years I've got it just about the way I want it maybe :D Never say never because it can be done with lots of mud under your nails and a few band aids :)




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LOL! Tons of bandaids! :eek: Your roses look awesome! :) I'll be glad when mine get that healthy! I never knew how many kinds of roses there are. Wow! You had a lake in your back yard and i have a bamboo forest in mine! I cut some out though to make more room for other things! :D


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My roses had black spot bad this year. I found an article that says to use a fungicide in the winter on them, and then the rest of the year spray them with water with some baking soda added. I am trying this for my roses next spring. I need the fungicide for a tree also. good luck.


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My roses had black spot bad this year. I found an article that says to use a fungicide in the winter on them, and then the rest of the year spray them with water with some baking soda added. I am trying this for my roses next spring. I need the fungicide for a tree also. good luck.

Wow! Thanx for the tip! :) I'll def try the baking soda thing too cause mine keep getting the black spot thing. Good luck with yours! :D


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A few of my rose's:)


  • Flowers -10 008.JPG
    Flowers -10 008.JPG
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  • Fall 2010 002.JPG
    Fall 2010 002.JPG
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  • Fall 2010 021.JPG
    Fall 2010 021.JPG
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  • Fall 2010 022.JPG
    Fall 2010 022.JPG
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  • Fall 2010 024.JPG
    Fall 2010 024.JPG
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Awesome Spider Lily! :) I cant wait till mine get that healthy! :D You guyz are def inspiring me!


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A few more:)


  • Moms flowers 025.JPG
    Moms flowers 025.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 009.JPG
    Mom's flowers 009.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 007.JPG
    Mom's flowers 007.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 023.JPG
    Mom's flowers 023.JPG
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A few more I love Rose's...:)


  • 22258eb0.jpg
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  • MOMS FLOWERS 004 (3).JPG
    MOMS FLOWERS 004 (3).JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 009.JPG
    Mom's flowers 009.JPG
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Omg! Awesome roses, Spider! :) You must have every rose ever made! I really like those orange ones and the red-yellow ones! :D


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my favs of the pics shown are GB's 4th of July rose and Spidy's "Mom's Flowers.007".

So pretty.

With my health issues taking over my life, my roses have all gone to pot. Some died when I was out of state, and the others all have black spot like mad :eek:


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Scarez, I don't fuss with my roses, I cut out any dead or unwanted stocks
I add epsion salt in the spring and feed when I think about it, I water them with rain water or when it rains, I don't like tap water it sucks with all the junk they add to city water


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Scarez, thats easy to remember, get your self a cute little jar and mark it roses then sit in by your bath tub and ever time you get in your tub add a little to you water, it makes the body feel great and by spring you will remember to add some to your roses


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What a wonderful idea!

Now we're dealing with MY brain here... For example, here's whats happened lately.

I draw myself a bath, even adding some vanilla bath salts. Sounds divine, smells divine. Should be really soothing to put these old achy muscles in some nice hot water.Then I go get myself a cup of coffee, and get distracted by the kitties. Dang, I need to feed them. Then hubby calls on the phone. That reminds me I need to take something out of the freezer for his dinner. By then, ouchie my back hurts, I'd better find my pain pills.

Oh shoot, look at the clock! I'd better get started on his dinner, maybe get the salad prepared. Blasted kitties want out, okay, let me go open the sliding door... "out you go you little pains in the patooty". Hmm, what was I doing? Look at this floor! I need to mop it, as best as I can cause my back hurts. On my knees I spot scrub the worst parts -- no way can I push a mop with these wrists yet. Now I've gotta lay down, my back is screaming "what the heck were you thinking??" Those pain pills tend to knock me out

By the time hubby gets home, I've been asleep on the couch for a few hours. Rats, I've got to finsh getting dinner made. We eat and my tummy is happy. He vegges out on the couch, and I go to brush my teeth. Whoa, my bathroom smells so nice, what the ?? I look over... and there is a wonderful bath drawn -- OF COLD WATER


Thank you! We have some Epsom salts, I can get some bonemeal. I get that I should cut off all dead branches, so I will try this. I think they just suffering from a lot of neglect. I'll let you know how it all turned into!


I trim my roses and flowers in the spring, we began to look bad. I give them Epsom salts, it will plant some leeks beside them, because I have seen it so bad error from chewing them. My red knockout to take care of itself, is the perennial flowering.

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