What is Organic gardening ?

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All of us love to consume organic vegetables, fruits but in 2021 it is like a nightmare. Every fruits and veggie we eat today are not organic. Nowadays most gardeners are using synthetic and chemical fertilizers to boost the yield of plants. Organic vegetables are possible when we stop using synthetic mediums in our garden. So growing fruits, veggies, herbs in the garden in a very natural way is known as Organic gardening.

But as an enthusiastic gardener, I would like to ask that if we use organic manure and pesticides for growing plants, will it be organic gardening?

Simply my answer is no. Because from my point of view if you are using plastic pots in your garden make no difference. When we dream about getting organic foods then, why do we use plastic pots and HDPE grow bags in the garden?

So Organic gardening is not about only abandoning chemical fertilizers, also about getting rid of plastic usage in the garden.

Please share your thoughts and also check out my Blog "A beginners guide to Organic Terrace gardening".

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when you get say Potato salad at the supermarket from the Deli department, they come in that 5 gallon pales, they are marked say "Safe for food".

so if its in Plastic its not organic, it can be toxic, at least its recyclable (Smiles)

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