What's eating my trees?

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Hi, I was hoping someone might know what's eating away my with my Japanese Blueberry Trees & Bottle Trees. I went to my local nursery and they said that on the Blueberries it’s something that was laying eggs on the leaves and as they’re hatching are preventing the leaves from fully forming. On the Bottle Trees they said it’s obviously also some sort of insect and they recommended Bayer Tree & Shrub Insect Control, http://www.starnursery.com/show_details.php?root=268&product=188) which I applied two weeks ago. It says it’s good for 12 months so I’m hesitant to reapply it.

These pictures were taken this morning. It’s still occurring on even new growth. Any idea what this could be? The bottle tree looks like something is taking a clean bite out of the leaves! Just FYI, this is occurring on 5 out of 5 Bottle Trees and 3 out of 12 Japanese Blueberries.

Thank you!


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They all look like old damage from a few weeks to a month old.
The c ut out sections are caused by leaf cutting bees. They use the leaves to line their short tunnels (usually in rotten wood or in the ground.
They do not hurt the trees and they only cut for a few short weeks to perpetuate their species!
My motto is: if the damage doesn't do any lasting harm such as killing the tree, it is best to leave it alone and not use any pesticides.....there is enough in the environment and the veggies and fruits we eat, that more is not a good thing!
I agree with Ron, I think the "damage" is done and isn't serious.

I am also familiar with the Bayer product you mentioned. The active ingredient is Imidicloprid and is a systemic taken up by the roots. I will give you a full season of control of prrimarily sucking type insects. Do not reapply it. It is an expensive product and effedctive for the right insects but reappying won't help any.

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