When to fertilize?

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I have just started watering my lawn, and it is still rather yellow.

Should I wait to fertilize, until the grass is all green, and it is growing again? Or would the fertilizer help the grass now, as it starts to come back?


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If the grass is looking a bit yellow this means it is lacking in iron.
It is a good time to apply fertilizer if you are so inclined!
It here is ample soil moisture you do not need to water it, but do water the lawn after applying the fertilizer!
Watering once a week is more then enough!


OK thanks, I'll fertilize it before my next watering.

As far as the causes, I typically don't water it during the winter, and I've just not gotten around to starting it up again... bad I know. Anyways, its greening up quite a bit just in this last week or so taht I've watered it, but its not a full green yet, so I didn't want to damage it by fertilizing it at a bad time.


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