Where I've been the past few days

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Redid the whole wrap around bed this week
worked on it Wed/Thurs/Fri to get it all done

I am so proud of myself as this now looks like what I had always wanted it to
just never had the time to do it properly

I weeded,dug up buckets of Snowdrops,and lots of tulips that had run amuck
plus put out all my "toys"

here is the full front view :cool:


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Here it is divided up into sections :D


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Never again will I underestimate the breeding capabilities of tulips!!!!

all of these are excess from that bed!! :eek:

Have no idea where I'm gonna put them all :rolleyes:


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looks nice, wanna come to maine and help me?
my gardens are so overgrown and the weeds have taken over them too
haven't been able to really do anything the last few yrs in them
was hoping to overhaul them this yr but hurt my back and the last 2 weekends i've been on the couch instead of out in the yard where i want to be, got mulch and compost but not been able to do anything yet, need to till the garden too, got to get my nephew over here to do it for me i guess
Blue, you've out done yourself!! It all looks great! Wish I had your energy..
Looks great Blue. Hubby and I worked on the yard for about 4 hours yesterday. This morning we planted our two new cutleaf japanese maples.
Oh what a great job, very immaculately done. Those are so many man hours put in which in turn have resulted in such a great landscape. I wish i could have also been able to do something like this.

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