Which perennials and why

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Must have perennials for me - daffodils (who would've guessed?), peonies, delphinium (in every shade of blue!), clematis, violas, hostas, LILLIES, gladiolious, roses (only a few), bergenia, lungwort, hardy geraniums, bleeding hearts, mums, sedums, ummmm.... most anything I see which I don't already have!


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Species tulips: they are short, early blooming and do not require the same feeding attention the hybrids need to keep them looking good over the years.

Penstemons: new this year in my gardens. Love full sun, to part shade. Deadhead often to keep them blooming. Do not use any fertilizer with nitrogen. May need stiking. Draught tolerant. Blooms from early June right up until hard frost!

Stoke's Aster: for full sun, blooms continuously from early June until frost knocks them down. Deadhead to keep them blooming and feed them a water soluable fertilzer such as 10-30-15 every other week, they tend to be greedy feeders. Plant is well behaved, forming a tight clump. Once you see them in bloom you will fall in love with them! Comes in a pale blue, a faded yellow and white. I prefer the pale blue!

Lewisia: small rosettes of fleshy leaves, look like hens-and-chicks. Blooms early May and continues for several weeks. Wide range of colors. Plant in front of the border to enjoy them up close! Flowers cover the foliage, and is very striking! Not very draught tolerant so needs extra waterings in July/August. Fertilize after blooming and again in September. Mulch to help retain soil moisture. Loves rich soils that drain well, excellent for a rock garden.

...and my list is a long one....
I'll add others later on!


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I fell in love with Delphinium this past year and hope to add alot more to my gardens this coming year. Past obsessions included Echinacea and Gaillardia. With 8 acres of nothing....I will grow anything...lol!!


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I'm obsessed with perennials, not even going to try to name all that I have. Been gardening on the same property for 25 years, up to 27 gardens and started a baby perennial business 10 years ago, selling baby perennials in 4 or 5 inch pots that I start from seed in Dec/Jan. Most gardens are cottage type, planted very close together with a few strategically placed stepping stones. It has to be perennials for me because they come up every year.


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My favorite perennials are daylilies, Asiatic and Oriental lilies, crepe myrtles, elephant ears, cannas, black eyed susans climbing lilies, roses, amaryllis, hibiscus, coneflowers, hydrangeas, Bird of Paradise, brugs, irises, daffodils,crinums and so many more I can't remember right now.


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I have another one I adore: Stephanotis Floribunda -- also known as Madagascar Jasmine. I like all tropical stuff.....never knew about anything tropical, nor did I grow it until my dear gardening friends from forums introduced me to this new and exciting world.


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I saw wher RR mentioned tulips and I thought of a photo I took almost 60 years ago. My mother worked a full-time job running a drapery shop, but she still found the time to have a few flowers. My sister and I helped relieve the load of cleaning the house during those years. This photo may be one of her daffodils though and not a tulup.


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I have to have Hostas
I really like Eupatorium Chocolate, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Echinaceas, Stella d' Oro daylilies, Plumbago, Perennial Hibiscus.
I want to plant some German Iris this year.
I have a five year plan for the back yard, but this year will be a little less than what I had planned, just because the economy is so shakey.


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I have hosta's and sedum for shade.

You will find butterfly bushes (many colors), black-eyed susan, hibiscus, zebrina mallow, russian sage, mint & chocolate mint,clematis, honeysuckle, morning glory, hollyhocks, rose of sharon, 4 o'clocks,wisteria, daylilies, iris, bee balm & yarrow in my gardens.... they all do come back year after year. I have sunflowers everywhere also..& they are so easy to start & grow.

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