Who is Growing Watermelons, I have a ?

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We are growing watermelons this year and been reading about different nutrients for wateremelons. Who adds potash and or potassium to their watermelons.

Would also like you to list your successes or failures in growing watermelons. Am growing several varieties this year and want to save seeds so can share seeds next year.
I have not done anything special for mine. They usually grow happily in the same composted soil as the rest of the garden. I would like to hear what others do. Gotta be some secret out there.
Well after much research on the internet and talking to the men who work at Carloina Eastern in Pamplico, a neighboring town I have decided to side dress my watermelon, canteloupe and tomatoes with a 6-6-18 fertilizer. This fertilizer is what farmers use here in SC to grow tobacco. I also got a bag of phosphate to use on my fig trees, grape vines and thornless blackberry bushes. Later I will apply a small application of phosphate to my tomatoes, canteloupes and watermelon.

Along the way we stopped at the Pamplico local hardware store and was able to buy some Black Diamond and Congo watermelon seeds. They had another one I was looking for but it was all sold, Garrisonian. While in the area I traded some seeds with my cousin. I got Crenshaw, banana, and Ambrosia canteloupe seeds and one he didn't know the name of. Said it was a big round with stripes watermelon. I plan to plant some of those seeds as well.

While researching about watermelons I learned about the Diamond watermelon. The Black Diamond watermelon are normally 30-35 pounds but can grow up to 75 pounds. I had almost ordered seeds online last night. 30 seeds online was $2.00 plus shipping. I got an ounce for under $2 at the hardware store in the little farming town of Pamplico SC.

This afternoon I plan to plant some of my treasures that I got today. Right now I am resting from the large meal I consumed at my cousins country cooking restaurant there in Pamplico. It was a great way to enjoy my morning with my husband. In a short while the work will begin.
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I have been out in the garden all afternoon. Planted Congo, Sugar Babies, a no name from my cousin and Black Diamond watermelons as well as Crenshaw, Banana, and Ambrosia canteloupes. Put out 8-8-16 to the exsisting watermelons and the tomatoes. Then we hoed our 2 rows of okra. Put the fork in me I am done. Hope I have done the right thing, only time will tell.

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