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When is it too early to start the wintersown method? When Is it too late? Ya know the do it outside in water jugs method, not sowing on a windowsill or in a greenhouse.
Hi Wrennie,
I am a southern garden specialist and not sure about your area or what it is you desire to winter sow.Most seeds will withstand freezing so as long as you are up to it I would say you could start now. As far as the other end of the planting as long as you watch your first frost date and have more than 3 months before that you should be able to plant and obtain a flower or veggie in most cases but realize that this is the median and not the rule. If you give me more specifics maybe I can give you a pointed answer. I'll be happy to help.
Wrennie, I am in zone 5 and I WS hardy perennials in January, February, and early March. I start the annuals in late March or early April. I direct sow most of my annuals though in May. What zone are you?
Zone 5 here. I have seeds from the wintersown site. tomatoes, and some flowers and I think some herbs.
OK folks, tell me what you think of my project. Instead of using a bunch of containers to winter sow tomatoes, I built a big one. I picked a spot, tilled up and amended the soil, erected a 30 inch wide X 58 inches long x 8 inch tall frame. I layed it over my spot to plant. Then I sowed my tom seeds inside the frame and covered them with soil. I then put a top on which was an old window still in tact that fits over the frame. I sure hope this works or else I've lost a bunch of tomato seeds.

I spoke to a guy that does this...he called it a cold frame. Once they sprouted if it was still too cold, he hooked a blow dryer up to blow warm air on them at night. I hope it works for you, Gloria!! Yum tomatoes!!
I used a cold frame for a few years and it worked well for me, but I planted seeds later in the year than now. But I also dug down about 8 inches as the soil is warmer than it is at the surface. But then Gloria doesn't live in Oregon either. It will be interesting to see how it works, Miss Gloria.
Taking care and planting potato looks hard and difficult. But I like to learn how, because I really love potatoes. So cold frame is good to use?
Potatoes are pretty hardy and you can plant them even before your last frost date. Cold frames are for getting a head start on your plants with the intent of planting them later when the danger of frost is past. What part of the world do you live in, Phey?
No cold frame neccessary for potatoes Phey..I take it you are speaking of white potatoes?
I had an ant problem in my tomato cold frame but I do have about 30 plants that survived. They're not big enough to transplant to the garden yet but all and all..a cold frame works great for Toms seeds if you can keep the fire ants out!
Someone posted on freecycle 3 sets of sliding glass doors this am, had thought about asking for them to make cold frames or save for a greenhouse but would need someone to built them for me so didn't ask for them is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to