Yikes...watch your head!!

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Can anyone tell me what kind of mean bird this is that is attacking me and my dogs. I can't leave my house without an umbrella because it tries to peck my head and the poor dogs can't go potty without getting pecked by this bully. Any suggestions on how to make it go bully elsewhere?
We started out with one of these and now have three....they work together to bully everything...including me!! My hubby is out of town but said he was going to shoot them when he gets home so they have to leave in the next 10 days or they are toast. They are a beautiful bird they just need to go be beautiful elsewhere!!




Looks like a Mockingbird. They must have a nest somewhere close and that's why they attack. They can be quite vicious!!! If you want to get rid of the birds..you'll have to take out the nest and hope they don't rebuild!!!
Def a mocking bird. And yes they can be mean. They will attck dogs, cats humans and other birds. They screem ( Sing) all hours of the night while nesting. The attacks only last as long as they are nesting , once the babies are gone they will leave. Short time frame too like maybe 3 weeks. While they are a pain to deal with they are a protected song bird( I know go figure).
I wish we had them here, but we do have dogs here, so I could change my mind under those conditions. It's a moot issue though since we don't have them here anyway. I do like to hear them. We had them in California and in Texas when we lived there.
Are they suppose to have a nice call...these things have a very ugly hissy squawk. They are beautiful in flight....as they are coming toward your head...lol. They are crazy in the trees hopping around like a nuthatch...and the way they twitch that huge tail is amusing. I have enjoyed watching them from the house and with us having near 100 degree temps...who wants to go outside anyway. It is encouraging to know they will be moving on soon...thanks for the information. My hubby is a duck hunter and takes the laws seriously so I think they will be safe from my Elmer Fudd anyway. Thanks again for the ID!!!
They are as bad as blujays they protect their young too. One year a long time ago a friend of trying putting a baby back in it's nest cause it was learning to fly the mother flew down and pecked him on the head We all thought it was funny But it sure hurt his head. He will never touch a young one again.
I was thinking it was a Gray Jay because it acts alot like a Blue Jay. Another I was thinking was a Clark's Nutcracker. Mockingbird sounds like such a lovely bird...lol...not!!
They call them mockingbirds for a reason. Their own call is as you say "nasty". But they do copy other birds. When nesting at night they have a list of birds they mock and it repeats. It is actually kind of funny if you listen to them , it sounds like they recoreded it an just play it over and over in the same order. They are also nest robbers. They will steal others nest as well as break any eggs they can find. Mean birds!
Yep...a mockingbird. I've had them chase me from my house to the neighbor's! Finally learned to wear a hat when I'm out in the yard. We have lots of them around and they attack each other constantly!! I do love to listen to them, though. Their beautiful sounds are the trade off for their bad behavior...
It poured buckets today and really cooled it off :) The dogs and I went out this evening once the rain stopped and was thrilled to find no mockingbirds!! It was short lived. They came back and were rotten as ever. I have found that they are kind of scared of this big green umbrella I have so I got it out and they left us alone. One of them kept doing this thing that sounded like a human baby crying...do they also mock humans. It was kind of creepy. I really don't like these birds and am glad my windows are closed tight and I don't have to listen to them at night. My friend said that today is the 50th anniversary of "To Kill a Mockingbird" I know now why someone would want to.
That was a good movie, but I don't care for heavy drama. That one was so sad yet it was something that needed to be told.
Just as well we don't have those here, as I am terrified of birds. I can easily live with the small ones around the house, but they must not come near me!

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