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  1. flowersforlife

    my iris

    Very nice color combos on irises Kya
  2. flowersforlife

    Anyone have rain lilies?

    oh, yes, Maggie. Thanks Anyone that can trade rain lilies with me at this time?
  3. flowersforlife

    Anyone have rain lilies?

    Hi Maggie, I have some that are pinkish purple. Are yours that color? What colors are your center? Keep me in mind for spring please. Others, anyone who can spare some rain lilies at this time? Thanks so much.
  4. flowersforlife

    Anyone have rain lilies?

    sunflower - Well, keep me in mind. In the meantime, can anyone else help out?
  5. flowersforlife

    Anyone have rain lilies?

    I'm looking for various colored rain lilies. Anyone have some they can send to me or trade? I have some of the whites I can trade (zephyranthes candid). Would be looking for colors other than white.
  6. flowersforlife

    Thanks Crabbergirl

    I love it!. I'll pm you
  7. flowersforlife

    Thanks Crabbergirl

    Just a note of thanks CG, as I got my box today. Your check will go out in tomorrow's mail. Tried to PM you but your box is full. :) Talk to you later and thanks so much again.
  8. flowersforlife

    Here's whats blooming in my yard

    Oh very pretty myfedora! Thanks for showing!
  9. flowersforlife

    Purple Iris for Postage - HURRY!

    Thanks Dizz, rec'd my box yesterday! I gave some to my neighbor and planted the rest this morning. They look great! Thanks again! I put your check in the mail today.
  10. flowersforlife

    Everything Bloomin!

    Treva, Enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers!
  11. flowersforlife

    Anybody Still Have Their Poinsettia 09

    crabbergirl, hope they come back for you. Keep us posted.
  12. flowersforlife

    My Adeniums

    Wow Treva, what a nice nice assortment of DRs. How many varieties do you have? I also started DR seeds last year. Matter of fact, they just had a one year birthday.:) Mine are still very small but just the other day I transferred to larger pots so we will see. Maybe we can trade sometime?
  13. flowersforlife

    Passion {Flower} Fruit

    Such a pretty flower Spider. Let's not reprimand it too much for being invasive.:D
  14. flowersforlife

    My First Brug

    Very nice Spider! Do you know their names? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to