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    Prairie Peace Rose

    Does anyone know where to find these in the states? There's one supplier in Canada that i know of, but they won't ship to the US because of the expense and time involved.
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    Seascape Strawberries

    Thank you! Much appreciated.
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    tomatos and strawberys

    Were they under indoor lighting? Are they still in pots? What are you feeding them?
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    Seascape Strawberries

    Thank you Randy!
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    damping off - yup another thread on it

    Are you transplanting to full sun or giving them time to harden off?
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    Hot Peppers

    Brilliant! Love it. :)
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    Seascape Strawberries

    Was planning on making Jam this summer with some. Any good pointers for jam making? I've never done it before.
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    Hot Peppers

    Most people, myself included, tend to use just one for large batches of stuff like salsa and chili. It is quite an experience to take a bite of one raw. lol
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    Now what to do...

    I've heard and read LED's are good for lettuces but that's about it. You're right though, nothings beats sunshine.
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    Hot Peppers

    I wind up giving a lot of them away. As hot as these things are someone always has a friend of a friend that thinks they can handle the heat. lol :-)
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    Hot Peppers

    Most of these were started in January. Off to a great start. Habs, Ghost, Brain Strain and Trinidad Scorpion.
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    Seascape Strawberries

    Just a few days later.
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    What's the weather in your area? 2013 Edition

    Burrrrrrr... It's going to be chilly for the next few days here in MI. 60's for the next few days. Night time temps in the mid to high 40's.
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    Windows 8

    Having been a PC tech for 12 years, W8 is the equivalent of Vista. I believe MS has come around and said they'll be making changes to it as of recent. I'm on 7 and have no plans of changing over to 8. The tiles interface is horrible for somebody like me, or anyone that multitasks to be honest...
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    basil stuff

    As with just about anything it's all about the conditions it's grown in. Not sure how long you've been growing hydro, but it's a lot of work keeping the PH levels correct. If you can keep the conditions optimal you should see a nice harvest. That's the trick though, keeping a hydro system in... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to