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    Hardy hibiscus care

    Lol! Mine are definitely still sleeping too. We actually just had some snow last week (hopefully the last). I just never cut them off in the fall! I had hibiscus skeletons in my flower bed all winter 😂
  2. K

    How many weeks before last frost to sow seeds?

    I’ve noticed the same thing! I don’t know what commercial growers do, but I definitely try to add a couple of weeks on when I start my seeds. I usually do at least 2 extra weeks.
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    Hardy hibiscus care

    Great! Thank you so much!!!
  4. K

    SEEDLINGS ARE STARTED! Which way do you guys prefer? I have 3 ways here...

    I have a shelf in the basement with some shop lights that do the trick! Usually I pre germinate in a damp paper towel, then move them to their containers under the lights.
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    Hardy hibiscus care

    Hi! Last summer I planted some hardy hibiscus in my flower bed. They did great all summer and now that it’s March, I’m thinking ahead about all of my gardening plans. I realized that I didn’t cut them back in the fall, as I’ve just recently read that you should do. If I cut them back now, will I... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to