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  1. Roe

    Marinades for Grilling

    Nothing better then cooking Porterhouse steaks Marinated with EVOO and fresh garlic, salt and pepper.. then basting them while their cooking. So juicy and de-lish
  2. Roe

    Out Door Grilling

    Dale I use mostly apple wood or cherry, not fresh cut. I also use that in my fireplace.
  3. Roe

    Welcome Members from GH

    Yes Bobbi I also. I feel the same way.
  4. Roe

    Who Grows Berries/Fruit

    I planted a Mulberry tree about 6yrs ago. It fills out with leaves but I still don't see any berries on it. I keep hoping maybe this year.. I also have 2 peach trees, last summer the fruit on it was wonderful.
  5. Roe

    Winter Sowing

    I did some WS last year. It was my first year doing it. I've learned from my mistakes last year. I'm gonna try it again this year. I saved a bunch of gal milk jugs that i'll use this year. I'm just waiting for my seeds to arrive. I can't wait to get going as I have no luck with indoor seeds.
  6. Roe

    Out Door Grilling

    I love to bbq with wood. it just makes the food so tasty.
  7. Roe


    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Glad to be here..
  8. Roe


    Thank you........
  9. Roe


    lol, Not this time of year Laurie.. Hopefully they're sleeping.. Yes I see lots of names i recognize. Thanks again!!!!:D
  10. Roe


    Hi everyone.. It's been a long and cold winter so far.. So happy to be here. Can't wait till we all can go outside and play in the dirt. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to