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New Member
Hi everyone.. It's been a long and cold winter so far.. So happy to be here. Can't wait till we all can go outside and play in the dirt.
Welcome Roe
So gald to see you here, it's like old home days, so many friends have come together again here. It's great seeing more and more join up.
Hope to see you around more.
I am ready for spring, we've had alot of snow and the temps have been below normal here. Never hit 40° in Jan.
Do you still have problems with the bears?
lol, Not this time of year Laurie.. Hopefully they're sleeping..
Yes I see lots of names i recognize. Thanks again!!!!:D
Hi Roe and nice to meet you! I see you know some of the members already so I'll just say welcome home!
Hello from the willamette valley of oregon..
Just curious do I know you from the garden club web site ?
Looking forward to seeing more of you
melanie aka oremudpie
Hi Roe glad you found your way here. Lots of folks from the old place and all having a grand time here. I also can't wait til spring gets here.
ROE! Glad you are here. This is going to be like the old days with all our friends and new friends joining everyday. So glad to see you
Welcome Roe, great to see you again......hope all is going well......hasnt this winter been a bummer.....
Hi Roe----so nice to see another familiar name! This is one of the best things that's happened in a loooong while( all of us getting together again!).:D

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