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    Greeting Cards you Can PlaNT

    That is a great idea. I have to share it with my grands. They love to make their own cards. Thanks.
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    The Bluegrass Bunch

    Hi, everybody! It's so nice to hear that some people are able to get out there and enjoy their garden areas. :) I'm still under snow with more coming in tomorrow. Roll on spring. I just can't wait.
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    What have you bought or ordered this year so far?

    I spent far too much last year on perennials and shrubs. I even bought a Syringa vulgarils Nadeshda on a whim so I won't be buying anything other than annuals for my planters and plants and seeds for my veggie garden. I hope. :o I say my veggie garden but it's really my grand-daughter's. I...
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    The Bluegrass Bunch

    I babysat the grands for New Year's Eve so we all went to bed together in my queen size bed. :) It was a big deal for the kids. The only one that wasn't happy was Sam, my little dog, as he usually has half the bed to himself so he more or less slept on my shoulder and head all night. :rolleyes...
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    Name this critter!

    It was a black squirrel, we don't have gray in this area only black and red. I think it was probably killed by a racoon family that was living under a neighbour's sunroom until they discovered the fact they were there and blocked it off when they left in the evening. The stinkers pooped on my...
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    Can you identify my critter??

    Lol, Kale, keep it for a pet? I like to snuggle with my pets. The critters I find in the garden stay there. So you haven't identified it yet? :( We don't have a lot of snakes here either and I haven't had a surprise in the garden. eg. anything that I haven't been able to identify on first...
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    Hello from another Canadian

    Aw, Randy, you were like me and my grandpa. We lived next door and I was his shadow. That's where I learned about gardening and nurturing. :) Gama Barb, Weedie, I'm so glad to see you here. I think you'll remember me as my name hasn't changed. :) Congrats on your new grand-daughter, Morgan.
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    Dora and Lyn your pups are so adorable. :) I probably shouldn't have posted a cat pic on a dog thread but she thinks she's a dog. She's definitely pack leader. :rolleyes: P&R, I don't know why I keep thinking Rusty is only 11. Maybe it's because he doesn't look that old. He looks so cute...
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    Her rear end is going this winter but she's still a happy girl and I'll keep her as long as I can, she's getting a little deaf but her sense of smell is amazing. I think the cold weather doesn't help her so when she comes in she snuggles. Yep, she's had all her shots over the years and all her...
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    Can you identify my critter??

    Kale I saw Garter snakes in the U.K. when I lived there and here 'grass snakes', sorry it doesn't look like either of them but maybe they look different in other zones. You should have seen my beautiful grass snake that went behind the kid's paddling pool that was up against the wall. I got...
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    Here's my kitty pic as I haven't worked out how to post more than one pic at a time.:o
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    I have three dogs and an inside cat in my house. One female dog, she'll be 17 in February, two male dogs and a female cat. All are neutered or spayed. The older dog is the white with occasional brown spot. She's on the left. She got the ball for the first time that day as the younger ones...
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    Hello from Pacificstar

    Hi, PStar, long time no see. I'm happy to see you here.:)
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    Design with Your Personality

    I've never been one to worry about pleasing the neighbours. I please myself. My front yard is open and I have shrubs and put out containers. My backyard is privacy fenced for part then totally chainlink fenced for the rest. My immediate neighbours peek through to see my gardens. It's my own...
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    Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity

    Loved them Scarez.:) Especially the decaf one. Lol, that would be the day I'd take off work. ;) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to