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    A new Challange

    Here is the update Here are the pictures
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    A new Challange

    Ah Jade, weather in Wisconsin, specifically Milwaukee is changeable. The joke is, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. It is not unusual in summer for the temp to drop 50 degrees in a matter of minutes. Winters can be fantastically cold, snowy, or one without the other. October...
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    A new Challange

    While I was busy puttering today, our neighbors from the Greek grocery store came to ask if I would put together some containers for an empty area on the west side of the building. There is a stone retaining wall about 2-2 1/2 feet tall about 18 inches wide up against the building. Sun hits it...
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    CURBHOPPER is here.....

    Curbie! Crabbergirl probably said it best, but let me second it, I missed you too!
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    Hello herby ann

    That's wonderful news Herby. God does listen, doesn't he? Many blessings to you all!
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    Hello herby ann

    Just wanted to be one of the many to welcome you back. We sure have missed you.:)
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    Hello herby ann

    instead of posting a quick reply hit the go advanced button
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    Tell us how you save money!!!

    programable thermostat use the grill year round wash in cold water compost instead of having the yard waste hauled away
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    Direct Gardening

    I have placed 3 orders with them this spring (Feb-present) and had no problems. The plants were healthy, everything arrived in good time....JMHO
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    Can you identify my rose?

    Kale, I forgot I have a Diana/Wales also.
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    Can you identify my rose?

    Kale, I have a dream come true rose. J&P screwed up an order on me last year and sent it as a freebie. If you give instructions (detailed). I will take a cutting for you. It's not one I would have chosen for myself, but I found an empty spot for it. It seems happy. Let me know.
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    Starting a compost

    That's what I used for mine last summer. The pallets were free. I added another one next to it this spring. I already have it 2/3 full and a lot more yard to clean up yet. I am picking the one I ordered from KGMB (keep Greater Milwuakee beautiful) on Thursday... Good luck and happy compost
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    Hi from Wisconsin

    Where in Wisconsin?
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    try mixing a few tablespoons of ground ginger and water, and spray the plants. Or you can contact your local humane society, the should have helpful hints
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    Online Recipe Sharing Formats?

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