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While I was busy puttering today, our neighbors from the Greek grocery store came to ask if I would put together some containers for an empty area on the west side of the building. There is a stone retaining wall about 2-2 1/2 feet tall about 18 inches wide up against the building. Sun hits it about 1pm until sundown. He is looking at the large 7-10 gallon decorative containers, we decided on 5 total. The wall is 3 stories high, painted WHITE with blue trim. So I am putting together some ideas, Something that is tall, Cannas? Colors that will pop on the wall, I'm thinking deep reds, purples. and trailers. I think a trip to the garden center to take picutres tomorrow is in order. I told him I would be able to do his plantings next week Thursday. I still need to do my own plantings, plus 2 more next week Tuesday and Wednesday. I will post updates and pictures with my progress. Suggestions will be appreciated

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Wow Sass, that sounds like major fun. One of my major jobs at the nursery where I worked in Ontario was planting containers, all sizes and shapes. We had a huge following of people who brought in their containers and we would plant them for them. We always talked with the people about their color choices and the location where the planters would be. I sure miss that. I am trying to focus on taking things fairly slowly in our yard because I will miss the challenge if we ever get it "done". I have a 6 year plan. We moved some stuff around this year, as my hostas were getting too much afternoon sun.
Have a great time and keep us posted. What is the weather like in Wisconsin? Highs, lows, rainfall...etc. I love Red and Purple together...maybe some yellow? My front bed should be a little wild this year. I moved out hostas and put in Lady in Red Salvia, Durango Gold marigolds, burgundy petunias and red Pentas. This will go with Rudbeckia Goldsturm, some echinaceas, eupatorium chocolate, a red laceleaf jap. maple and a few other perennials. It should be colorful if nothing else.
I love red and purple and yellow together as well. One of my favorite shrubs is lora petallum. It comes in several hues and love the bloom it has twice a year. Also like crepe myrtle as well as a gardenia. Tried to find what zone these were good up to and couldn't find any info.
neat fun job. Let us know for sure what you decide on. Cannas sound great. Do you have to dig them for winter, or will they be ok?
Ah Jade, weather in Wisconsin, specifically Milwaukee is changeable. The joke is, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. It is not unusual in summer for the temp to drop 50 degrees in a matter of minutes. Winters can be fantastically cold, snowy, or one without the other. October, November, April and May are tricky. It can be 80 on a Tuesday and snow 5 inches Friday. Summers can be very hot and humid, LOTS of Misquitos, huge hungry ones. Or very cool in the low 70's. Lake Michigan plays a lot of havoc with our weather. We Are a Zone 5, but living right on the lake or too far from the lake can change you up or down. Your garden sound lovely, can't wait for pictures.
Crabber, the cannas would have to be dug up, which really isn't a problem, if I remember.
Red and purple, and yellow are playing major parts in a lot of my gardening this year.
A friend asked me to do the beds around his house, and I picked bee balm, purple and red cushion mums, and stella d'oro lillies. Those go in next Tuesday.
Here is the update

Here are the pictures


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