A big hello from Ontario, Canada

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Nice to see some familiar people. Thanks to the two old GGers that gave me the heads up on Bob starting up this site and thanks to Bob for accepting me into the fold.:)
Hey Sash
Great to see you. Was hoping you would stop by and see us.
Hope to see you around more, it's getting better every day with more old friends joining
Sash........So good to see ya here..........glad you made it........:)
sash it is so good to see you here. Bob has done such a great job with the help of laurie getting us all back together again.
Hi, everybody, Swindy, Mari-Jo, Flower4yeshua, Mainegal and Smiley.

Veggem, you keep changing your name. Can I just call you flower for short. :)

Smiley, yes, we e-mail each other daily. I think we were sisters in a former life. :) Did you know that Penny passed on? They still miss their sweet girl.

Mari-Jo, you've changed your name too.

Swindy, nice to be back in touch. I've missed a lot of old friends.
Please tell P&R that I said hi, boy it's been along time since I've heard that name
Howdy, Whit.

Ok, flowers it is (veg), I need something easy to remember. :eek:

Will pass the message on Mainegal. :)

Hi there Woodstock. I'm glad we met up again.

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